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Why Ayurveda Recommends Bhringaraj for Hair loss and scalp acne

Bhringraj , bhringraj for hair , scalp acne treatment in ayurveda
Bhringraj , bhringraj for hair , scalp acne treatment in ayurveda

bhringraj for hair , scalp acne treatment in ayurveda

Bhringaraj also known as Eclipta Alba is a small plant. It is called as “maaka” in hindi. Ayurveda acharyas have coined different names in praise of its medicinal properties

  1. It is eulogised as “bhringaraja” as it makes the hair look dark and black like beetle (bhringa (Sanskrit)=beetle).
  2. It is praised as “Maarkava” as it keeps the grey hairs at bay.
  3. It is lauded as “Kesharaja” as it takes complete care of hair.

Vata and Kapha when vitiated accelerate aging process. Vitiation of these doshas and accelerated aging process leads to hair loss, premature greying and dry scalp. According to principles of Ayurveda this plant mitigates vata and kapha. Thus bhringaraj helps to slow down aging process and protects hair health.

Eclipta Alba contains alkaloids (chemical compounds) which act as antimicrobial and anti-fungal. Thus massaging hair with hair oil processed with this herb prevents scalp infections and scalp acne. Addition of neem fortifies this property and immensely helps to prevent scalp acne.

Scalp wounds get very quickly healed when the extract of this herb is applied on them. Bhringaraj cleanse the scalp wound and hastens the growth of granulation tissue thus fastening the healing process.

Massaging oil processed with bhringaraj boosts the blood circulation in scalp. This ensures the supply of nutrients to hair follicles and arrest hair loss. Increased blood supply also aids growth of strong and healthy hair.

This herb has tremendous rejuvenating properties. It rejuvenates the scalp skin and hair follicle. The process of rejuvenation includes expulsion of toxins, supply of nutrients and anti-oxidants.

When this herb is processed with pure coconut oil and other hair friendly herbs it boosts hair health by leaps and bounds, because coconut oil is extremely hair friendly. Coconut oil is the store house of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

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