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Ushira or Vitever Zizanioides Ayurveda Uses and Benefits

Ushira or Vitever An ayurvedic Body and Urinary Tract Coolant

Ushira or vitever has many uses in ayurveda. It is used as urinary coolant in UTI and Cystitis. It improves skin health, heals wound, reduces burning sensation in herpes.

Ushira also known as Vetiver has a botanical name Vetiveria Zizanioides.

It is known by name Khus Khus grass. In Kannada Vitever is known as Lavancha.

It belongs to the Poaceae family. This tufted grass is available throughout the plains of India up to a height of 1200 m. Vetiver is known for its perfumery and medicinal value since ancient times.

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Ushira or Vitever

Based on principles of Ayurveda ushira is light to digest (laghu) and dries up the tissues (ruksha). It acts as a body coolant  (sheeta) and normalises pitta dosha and Kapha dosha. This herb is appreciated for its cooling and cleansing properties.

Plant Parts used

The roots of this grass are used for medicinal purposes. The roots are washed and then dried in shade and sunlight alternatively. Fully dried roots are powdered and used for preparations of medicinal formulations.

The medicinal properties of ushira are explained as follows in Bhava Prakasha the great ayurvedic text.

Ushira or Vitever An ayurvedic Body and Urinary Tract Coolant

Ushira or Vitever An ayurvedic Body and Urinary Tract Coolant

Ayurveda Medicinal Uses and benefits of vetiver or Vetiveria Zizanioides or Ushira

Digestive Health:

Ushira helps in normalising digestion. Its uses are well appreciated in controlling acidity, belching, excess thirst, indigestion, burning sensation of chest and throat, nausea and vomiting.

In Fever:

Vitever root powder mixed with rose water has to be applied on forehead. It reduces fever. Using Ushirasava in fever helps to reduce parching of throat and controls fever.

Vetiver For Glowing Skin:

The root powder of ushira ¼ spoon mixed with sandalwood powder 1 tea spoon and rose water make a best face pack for acne and pimples. This mixture can also be applied on herpes boils. Ushira and sandal powder pack also helps to control skin rashes.

In Respiratory Problems:

This herb is used in form of powder or smoke to treat respiratory problems like cough and bronchitis.

In Urinary Tract Problems:

This herb is very useful in burning sensation of urinary tract and bladder. It effectively reduces inflammation of inner layers of bladder, urinary tract and urethra. Ushira acts as a superb coolant. Hence doctors at Moolika Ayurveda have used this herb as an ingredient in URIKOOL Ayurvedic Capsules which are very effective in cystitis and kidney stones.


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