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The Ayurvedic Plant Guduchi or Giloy

Health Benefits of Tinospora Cardifolia-Guduchi-Giloy

Health Benefits of Tinospora Cardifolia-Guduchi-Giloy

The medicinal herb Giloy is a climber. Botanists have listed this under Minispermaceae family and have given a botanical name Tinospora Cardifolia. This is a tropical herb which is found abundantly in India, Myanmar and Srilanaka . This herb has various names in Sanskrit. Few are given below

  1. Madhuparni : – The leaves of herbs get sweet taste like honey as soon as they get digested.
  2. Amrita : The medicinal properties of this herb are like that of an elixir.

The climber takes the support of huge trees to grow. The stem of guduchi is soft and juicy. The leaves of this climber are heart shaped. The flowers are yellow colored . The round fruits turn to bright red color when ripe. The plant contains the alkaloid Berberin and a glucosoid Giloin.

Health Benefits of Guduchi or Giloy

Naturopaths all over the world praise the adoptogenic properties of Giloy or Guduchi. (Adoptogenic herbs boost body resistance; reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue). Benefits of guduchi or Giloy are attributed to these properties.

The herb Guduchi is being used in ayurvedic system of medicine since ages. Health benefits of Guduchi or giloy are praised by ayurveda acharyas. Based on principles of Ayurveda, Guduchi has both bitter and astringent tastes. The taste of guduchi turns to sweetness when digested. It increases moistness of body tissues, has hot potency and is heavy to digest. Due to these properties this herb normalizes all the three doshas when used with different vehicles.

It normalises Kapha when used with honey. Vata gets normalised when guduchi is used with ghee. Pitta gets alleviated when giloy is used with sugar.

This plant is used in various ayurvedic preparations. These preparations come in the form of capsules, powder, decoction, oil and many more. Moolika Ayurveda has come up with an ayurvedic formulation which contains only Guduchi or Giloy. Guduchi Capsules are made in GMP certified manufacturing unit under the supervision of qualified ayurvedic doctors. This capsule can be used in conditions like gout, arthritis, hepatitis, fatty liver, low immunity etc.

REJUZOA a Unique and effective Capsules For Erectile Dysfunction also contain GUDUCHI .

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guduchi or Giloy capsules 500 mg Buy

guduchi or Giloy capsules 500 mg Buy


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