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Ayurveda health benefits of neem

Neem is a very well known house hold herb in India. Its antimicrobial properties are well known. Ayurveda acharyas praise this plant as “Pichumarda” as it is very beneficial in skin ailments. Various researches have thrown light on medicinal properties of neem. These medicinal properties are exhibited by virtue of different chemical compounds that are present in this plant. Azadirachtin , salannin, gedunin, azadirone, nimbin, nimbidine, nimbicidine, nimbinol, etc are important liminoids of neem.

Based on principles of ayurveda the properties of neem are explained as follows. It is bitter to taste and has astringent properties. It is light to digest and cold in potency. This herb pacifies pitta and kapha.

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