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How to Stop Food Cravings?

how to stop food craving
how to stop food craving


The craving for salty, sweet, or fatty foods has researched to weaken the willpower of diet and stopping it sometimes may seem impossible. One time, you are free and stick to your healthy diet; another time, you find yourself longing for your desire and craving chocolate with butter icing or other unhealthy foods you have been avoiding. All these sweet, salty, fatty or crunchy foods are studied to frustrate our effort to lose weight.

A study showed that about 91% of women experience a kind of intense food cravings. Food craving was researched to be fueled by one of the brain chemicals known as dopamine, and it is usually released when you consume sweet, salty, fatty, or crunchy foods that stimulate a rush of euphoria that brain seeks repeatedly.

How can this craving be stopped so this natural cycle would not sabotage your effort to shed unwanted weight gain? This article has put together some strategies to adopt in stopping craving for unwanted foods. Let’s discuss it.

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