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How to Overcome Itching Dry skin through Ayurveda Remedies

itching dry skin ayurvedic remedy
itching dry skin ayurvedic remedy
itching dry skin ayurvedic remedy

The problem with dry skin are many. It is very dry to touch and looks dull. The skin glow is absent and it may flake off while removing cloths or when rubbed with towel. One of the main things about dry skin is that it can drive people crazy when becomes itchy. The dryness and itching worsens during winter.

Scratching the itchy dry skin may lead to bleeding and secondary infections from microbes like bacteria and fungus. Itching of dry skin may get exaggerated when you use synthetic clothes since the prevent air circulation to skin.

We usually see dry and itching skin in

Texts of Ayurveda describe this condition as twak rookshata. This condition arises when vata dosha vitiates tissues of skin and imbalances oil secretion from glands of skin. The remedial measures have to be aimed at balancing vata by changing lifestyles and diet.

Simple ayurvedic tips to overcome itching dry skin[sociallocker]

    • Always wear cotton clothes so that air circulates on the skin surface.
    • Drink plenty of water to elevate moisture level of skin.
    • Reduce stress through Yoga and Meditation. Brisk walking, outdoor games, reading books, nurturing your hobbies etc are also best stress busters.
    • Apply plenty of moisturiser which is devoid of alcohol and strong fragrance.
    • Carry an umbrella when you go out in sun. Wear full armed clothes and avoid sunburn.
    • Do not apply talcum powder. It further increases dryness.
    • Massage coconut oil or sesame oil all over body and wash it off after 3 hours.
    • Use gram flour or Channa flour (besan) instead of soap.