Shukra Dhatu – Ayurvedic Reproductive Tissue

Shukra Dhatu – Ayurvedic Reproductive Tissue

Shukra dhatu which is considered as a reproductive tissue helps men and women in keeping up fertility, sexual function, strong body and muscles.

What is shukra dhatu ?

“Shukra dhatu” is one of the seven tissues (saptha dhatu) described in Ayurveda. The meaning of Shukra in Sanskrit is white, pure, essence, bright. According to principles of Ayurveda shukra dhatu is the main dhatu which is responsible for reproductive health in both men and women.

In 7 dhatus each dhatu receive nutrition from its previous dhatu. Shukra dhatu derives its nutrition from majja dhatu which is 6th dhatu. As Shukra is the last dhatu or tissue, it is considered as essence of all dhatus as it is formed utilising prime nutrients from previous 6 dhatus . Hence it is very essential to keep this dhatu in balance as its imbalance affects whole body.

Functions of Shukra dhatu

As said earlier shukra dhatu is present in every body and in all stages of life. This dhatu is in two forms. The one which is visible to naked eye and the other which is not visible to naked eye, but is evaluated through its functions. The shukra dhatu which is visible outside is semen. The invisible form of this dhatu helps in good sexual function , keep up the fertility, strengthens muscles, imparts radiance to skin and elevates mood. These functions can be attributed to functions of testosterone. The invisible form of this dhatu does the same functions as testosterone. Kapha dosha controls functions of this dhatu .

Shukra dhatu plays a very important role in reproductive health of both men and women

Functions of shukra dhatu in Men

Functions of shukra dhatu are explained as follows in Ayurveda

In men it plays a very important role in keeping up the fertility and sexual function. It helps in production of healthy sperms and good quantity of semen. The sexual function in men is dependent on strength of shukra dhatu. This dhatu initiates development of secondary sexual characters like beard, hoarseness of voice, moustache, under arm hair, hair on chest and body. This dhatu when healthy help to build strong muscles and body.

Shukra dhatu Kshaya in Men

In men when shukra dhatu is reduced it may lead to erectile dysfunction , low libido, low sperm count and motility (oligospermia). It also reduces quality and quantity of semen or sperm. This leads to male infertility.

Functions of shukra dhatu in women

The visible shukra dhatu in women is the lubricating liquid which gets secreted during sexual activity. The invisible shukra dhatu initiates production of andanu or eggs. When this tissue is healthy in women, it leads to good fertility and healthy “arthava”(menstrual blood). Shukra in women controls menstrual cycle, lubricates vaginal canal, helps in development of secondary characteristics in women like development of breasts. Imbalance of this dhatu in women can lead to infertility.

By this we can infer that estrogen and progesterone in women collectively constitute shukra dhatu. When this dhatu gets imbalanced in women, it leads to female infertility or vandhyatva. It can also cause PCOS or PCOD in women.

How to restore or balance shukra dhatu ? Shukra dhatu kshaya treatment

This dhatu can be restored by following nutritious diet and healthy lifestyles which help to balance doshas and restore this fertility dhatu. Texts of Ayurveda recommends foods and herbs to increase quality and quantity of this tissue.

Vajikarana Therapy for Dhatu Pushti or To restore Shukra Dhatu

Vajikarana therapy is the highly eulogised ayurvedic treatment to overcome shukra dhatu kshaya. This therapy includes herbal preparations which have vrushya and vajikarana herbs to increase and strengthen this dhatu.

Herbs like ashwagandha, kapikacchu or mucuna, gokshura or tribulus, safed musli, vidari kanda, shatavari, black musli or talamuli , amla etc help to increase this dhatu.
Vajikarana therapy can be done at home using vajikarana preparations. (see Vajikarana Therapy Kit )

Vajikarana Rasayana for Shukra Kshaya

Texts of Ayurveda recommend vajikarana rasayana which contains vajikarana herbs. But vajikarana rasayana cannot be consumed by diabetic patients as it contains sweetening agent.

They can use Vajikarana therapy for erectile dysfunction in diabetes, Vajikarana powder or Vajikarana Capsules which contain same herbs without sweetening agents.

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