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Urikool –Ayurvedic Medicine for Cystitis UTI Kidneystones-3 jars

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Urikool –Ayurvedic Medicine for Cystitis UTI Kidneystones

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Urikool –Ayurvedic Medicine for Cystitis UTI Kidneystones
Urikool –Ayurvedic Medicine for Cystitis UTI Kidneystones

The natural ayurvedic herbal choice in UTI  and CYSTITIS

URIKOOL capsules are formulated by experienced qualified ayurvedic doctors. It helps in health condition like chronic urinary tract infections, recurrent urinary tract infection, cystitis, Burning urination, kidney stones and as an adjuvant therapy after kidney stone treatment to prevent formation of stones.


Helps to prevent formation of Kidney Stones: URIKOOL has potent herbs which help to prevent formation of kidney stones. It is the best adjuvant therapy for people who are under going treatment for kidney stones. It prevents the accumulation, deposition and supersaturation of stone forming chemicals like oxalic acid and calcium hydroxyproline in urine. This action inhibits the formation of kidney stones. Its kidney stone breaking action includes dissolving of mucin, which binds the stone particles together. URIKOOL also contains herbs which have diuretic action and flush out small stones from the kidneys.

Boosts the health of urinary tract system and prevents recurring Urinary Tract infections and Burning Urination: URIKOOL normalizes urinary pH and reduces burning during urination. Its antimicrobial property combats common urinary pathogens. It acts as a coolant and soothes the irritated bladder and urinary tract. This capsule contains herbs which have anti-inflammatory properties and thus reduces the inflammation of urinary tract and bladder.


  • Boosts the resistance of urinary system
  • Acts as a coolant and reduces burning urination.
  • Helps to soothe the inflamed bladder mucosal layer.
  • Prevents formation of kidney stones.
  • Promotes the bladder health in cystitis.


  • For the prevention and treatment of adult kidney stone formation, including calcium oxalate stones, calcium and phosphate stones and uric acid and urate bladder stones
  • Crystalluria (presence of crystals in urine)
  • Prevention of formation of kidney stones after lithotripsy (removal of kidney stones with shockwaves) .
  • As an adjuvant supplement in chronic Urinary Tract Infection, nonspecific urethritis (irritation and burning sensation in urethra) , Painful urination and burning sensation while passing urine