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2rejuzoa capsules for erectile dysfunction
2rejuzoa capsules for erectile dysfunction

Benefits Of Rejuzoa Capsules

  • Rejuzoa helps to increase sexual energy and builds stamina.
  • Stress is the major cause for erectile dysfunction. Rejuzoa reduces stress level.
  • Insomnia or sleeplessness also lowers sexual energy. Rejuzoa normalises sleep pattern and boosts sexual energy.
  • Rejuzoa capsules improve hardness and erection time. They also help in conditions like early ejaculation (premature ejaculation).
  • These pills increase sexual desire in men and maintain it.
  • The vajikarana herbs in Rejuzoa capsules slowdown the aging process and rejuvenate the male reproductive organs.
  • Rejuzoa is an efficient Herbal preparation that is beneficial to improve sperm count and sperm motility. It supplies needed nutrients for the production of healthy sperms.
  • It stimulates sex-related functions and helps to boost up the reproduction functions also.
  • Rejuzoa pills effectively help in erectile dysfunction, increase sperm count and motility
  • Rejuzoa capsules are best solution for male infertility where erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low sperm count and motility are main reasons.


Rejuzoa capsules contain unique combination of herbs like Tala Mooli(Kali Musli), kapikacchu, ashwagandha, Guduchi, Amla, Gokshura and Kokilaksha which address men health. These herbs are grouped as Vajikarana herbs in texts of ayurveda. The herbs in this group help in erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sperm count and low sperm motility.

TALA MOOLI – Kali Musli (Chlorophytum Borivilianum) – Kali Musli   has many active ingredients like alkaloids, glycosides, steroids, saponin and flavonoids etc. These ingredient make this  herb an excellent aphrodisiac, antioxidant, anti oxidative, antihyperglycemic, hepato protective and immune booster. Based on principles of ayurveda this plant mitigates pitta and vata. It boosts body strength (balya), and improves sexual energy (vrishya). It is specially recommended in men health conditions like impotence (claibya) and loss of sexual strength (dourbalya).

KAPIKACCHU (Mucuna Pruriens) – The seeds of this plant are high in protein, carbohydrates, lipids, fiber, and minerals. They are also rich in novel alkaloids, saponins, and sterols. The seeds of this drug contain a high concentration of L-dopa which helps in parkinsons , influences dopamine to elevate mood and control movement. This herb mitigates vata and increases kapha and pitta. It is the herb of choice for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (claibya), low sexual strength (daurbalya) and low body weight.

ASHWAGANDHA (WITHANIA SOMNIFERA) – This herb is very well known for its biologically active constituents withanolides. These act as adaptogen, antibiotic, aphrodisiac, astringent, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, sedative and tonic. Ashwagandha calms mind lowers stress level. It is the main ingredient of all Vajikarana therapies. This herb rejuvenates whole body, boosts quality and quantity of semen and increases sperm count. The roots of this herb pacify vata and balance doshas.

GUDUCHI (Tinospora Cordifolia) – The bio-chemicals that have been isolated from Tinospora Cordifolia include tinosporide, furanolactone, diterpene, furanolactone clerodane diterpene, etc. These bio active ingredients are reason for aphrodisiac, diuretic, astringent, anti-diabetic anti-oxidant, anti-stress hepatoprotective, immunomodulatory activities of this herb. Texts of ayurveda recommend this herb in conditions like indigestion, low strength, sluggish liver and impotence. It acts as Rasayana or antiaging herb.

AMLA (Phyllanthus emblica)– The fruit of this plant is highly nutritious and is an important dietary source of vitamin C, minerals and amino acids. The dominant active constituent of the herb is a group of tannins derived from Gallic and ellagic acids, which make up a large portion of the extractable non-nutritive constituents. All of these constituents work together to enhance immunity and rejuvenates body. This berry supplies plenty of vitamin C which is needed to boost sperm motility and sperm count. It balances all three doshas .mitigates vata ,pitta and kapha. This fruit boosts body strength, reduces blood glucose level, powerful antioxidant and aphrodisiac.

GOKSHURA (Tribulus Terrestris)– Tribulus contains bio-chemicals 3,7,11,15-tetramethyl-2-hexadecen-1-o1, n-Hexadecadienoic acid, Hexadecadienoic acid, ethyl ester, phytol, 9,12-Octadecadienoic acid, 9,12,15-Octadecatrienoic acid, Octadecanoic acid, 1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid, disooctyl ester and α-Amyrin. These bio ingredients are reasons for its diuretic, aphrodisiac, anti diabetic, antiurolithic and hypolipidemic activities. Based on ayurvedic principles this herb mitigates vata and pitta. It boosts body strength, acts as aphrodisiac, increases urine output and relieves constipation. It helps in conditions like erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and lowered sexual energy.

KOKILAKSHA (Astercantha longifolia)– This herb compraises of alkaloids, phytosterol, essential oil, mucilage, triterpene alcohol, lupeol, stigmasterol and hydrocarbons. Seeds contain fixed oil, enzymes and sterol. Flowers contain apigenin glucuronide. Roots contain an essential oil . These bio chemicals are reason for its aphrodisiac activity and rejuvenating activity. Ayurveda acahryas eulogise this herb as aphrodisiac and energy boosting. It helps in conditions like impotence, low body strength and low libido.

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