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Benefits of Keshpride Hair oil:

  1. Contains herbs like amla, brahmi, neem and bringaraj in pure coconut oil base.
  2. Massaging scalp with this oil arrests Hair fall.
  3. The herbal ingredients of KESHPRIDE hair oil help to reduce dandruff and prevent its formation. Hence it is popular as anti-dandruff hair oil.
  4. Regular use of this hair oil slows down the process of premature greying.
  5. KESHPRIDE hair oil aids Luxuriant and healthy hair growth.
  6. The progress of balding can be slowed down with the use of this herbal hair oil.
  7. The herbal ingredients of KESHPRIDE hair oil initiate new hair growth.
  8. It acts as a very good hair conditioner.
  9. Dryness and itching of scalp is very well prevented with the consistent use of this hair oil.

Benefits of Neem Capsules: (60 capsules in a jar) :

It is powerful natural anti-microbial. Its internal use purifies blood and detoxifies it. This helps to fight the dandruff from inside. Its anti-inflammatory property helps to reduce itchiness and inflammation of scalp skin. It also boosts immunity of scalp skin to dandruff. Neem is used to treat almost all skin ailments. Internal consumption of neem helps to detoxify liver and skin. Thus toxins are effectively eliminated from body. This process naturally purifies skin and boosts its health. According to ayurveda principles, vitiated Kapha and pitta cause skin diseases. Neem pacifies vitiated kapha and pitta, thus helps to cure skin ailments. Numerous scientific research have high lightened the role of neem in keeping circulatory system healthy, thus reducing the chances of infection.


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