Garcinia Cambogia Capsules

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VRIKSHAMLA (Garcinia cambogia)-500mg

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Garcinia 500 mg Weight Loss Capsules [highlight]Benefits:[/highlight][highlight]Prevents conversion of starch and sugars into fat[/highlight] – HCA in Garcinia  works by blocking lipogenesis or conversion of starches and sugars (Excess of Carbohydrates) into fat that is stored and increase our weight.[highlight]Lowers blood cholesterol [/highlight]- This herbal supplements promotes the oxidation of lipids and spares carbohydrates. This action will result in lower blood levels of cholesterol and lipid. i.e.a better lipid profile.[highlight]Excess glucose is converted to glycogen[/highlight] – The glucose or its stored form glycogen is promoted. As excess of glucose is spared from conversion to fat, this excess glucose is mediated by gloconeogenisis pathway to form glycogen.

[highlight]Reduces excess appetite[/highlight] – Glycogen signals the brain satiety center that sufficient food has been taken. So glycogen production with this herb further suppresses appetite.

[highlight]Increases body heat by burning excess fat[/highlight] – This herb promotes thermogenesis process i.e body’s production of heat. This burns more calories and excess stored fat

[highlight]Improves metabolism [/highlight]– It normalizes metabolism and ensures proper digestion