Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss Without Side Effects-TRIMFIT3

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Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss Without Side Effects
Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss Without Side Effects

THis ayurvedic Weight Loss Medicine Combo Contains
2. Garcinia Capsules – 60

Highly Effective for: Obesity, increased cholesterol, for people who are on weight loss regimen, who have uncontrolled appetite, hunger pangs

Benefits of Ayurvedic Weight Loss treatment Combo

• Help to in quick fat metabolism.
• Prevents accumulation of water
• Helps in controlling hunger pangs
• Helps in healthy weight loss
• Herbs in these preparation act as Hypolipidemic, Vit C enricher,
• breaks down fatty acid synthesis
• prevents lipid synthesis
• Reduces craving for sugar
• Improves digestion

Details of Combo

Quantity – 100 gms
Amalaki- Phyllanthus emblica
Haritaki- Terminalia Chebula
Vibhitaki Terminalia bellirica
Vidanga-Emblia Ribes
Twak -Cinnamon zeylanica
Mishreya or fennel seeds – Foeniculum vulgare
Ela or cardamom -Elettaria cardamomum
Brihadela-black cardamom -Ammomum subulatum

Helps to lose weight Naturally. People who are overweight may drink this herbal tea for obesity everyday to get rid of heavy weight.
Normalises digestion and helps to increase the basal metabolic rate and aids in comfortable digestive processes.
Herbs in NILOBESE weight Loss Tea helps in quick burning of fat molecules and increase body energy to perform daily activities.
This herbal tea may be taken by anyone who wants to lose weight. It is safe and may be taken by people of all ages who are above 16 years.
The herbs in this tea help in controlling blood cholesterol level. People who are fat are prone to suffer from heart diseases. This is the best preventive remedy for heart problems.
This tea acts as natural detox and clears the clogs of toxins. This process allows the good assimilation of nutrients.
This tea is easy to use and hassle free. The taste and fragrance of spices in the tea elevates mood. The natural form of all these herbs have been retained in fine powder form which dissolves easily in warm water. No chemicals are added in this tea. Its effectiveness has been appreciated by patients who visit our clinic for weight loss treatment.
All organic ingredients
100% Caffeine-Free
Delicious spicy pure herbal taste
Antioxidant herb infused
Dosage – 1 tea spoon with warm water and honey

Garcinia Capsules
Quantity – 60 capsules
Ingredient – VRIKSHAMLA (Garcinia cambogia)-500mg
Prevents conversion of starch and sugars into fat
Reduces excess appetite
Increases body heat by burning excess fat
Improves metabolism
Dosage: 1 capsule twice daily after food


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