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Vajikara Lehyam. An ayurveda vajikarana rasayana for men to improve sexual function and reproductive health

Vajikara Lehyam 250gms-An Ayurvedic Vajikarana Rasayana

500.00 498.00 GST
250 gms jar An ayurvedic preparation effective in the Treatment of men sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sexual energy and low libido It is available in 500 gms and 250 gms packing. Avail a free email consultation from

Supraja Lehyam-500 gms Ayurveda Male Infertility

825.00 425.00 GST
The natural ayurvedic herbal choice in Low sperm Count, Low motility, Low semen volume and male infertility Avialble in 250 gms / 500 gms packing Avail a free email consultation from  

Moolika Ayurveda Products for Male Infertility for Men, Men Sexual Health Issues.