Ayurvedic Treatment to Increase Male Libido

Ayurveda has laid much importance to keep up the sexual health of males. Men can face low libido often due to various reasons. Increasing libido in males is very important to keep up emotional and sexual health. Acharyas recommend various ayurvedic treatments and medicines to improve sexual desire and performance in men.

Causes of Low libido in Men an Ayurveda View

Ayurveda acharyas explain causes of low libido in men as follows.

  1. Having sex by compulsions with a person whom you do not like.
  2. Anxiety and stress cause low libido.
  3. Imbalance of Shukra Dhatu
  4. Controlling Sexual Urges:
  5. Impotence by Birth
  6. Not Consuming Vajikarana Medicines or Preparations and Not undergoing Vajikarana Therapy

Ayurvedic Treatment or Medicines to Increase Male Libido

In Ayurveda the treatment that is adopted to increase libido is called “VAJIKARANA” . As this therapy recommends ayurvedic medicines to increase libido, increases the strength of a man to perform sexual act, like a horse, it is called ‘Vajikarana’. ( ‘Vaaji’=Horse.)

ayurvedic treatment to increase male libido

Acharya Charaka states the use of Vajikarana preparations or aphrodisiacs as mentioned in ayurvedic texts enhances one’s potency by leaps and bounds. These medicines or herbs are said to give one the strength and potency of a horse. Vajikarana Herbs in this treatment help to increase libido in males. This therapy is known as Vajikarana Therapy