Neem Leaves for Diabetes

Neem Leaves are being used, to control blood sugar level in diabetes and reduce frequency of urination, since ancient times. Acharya Bhava Prakasha recommends neem and neem leaves for diabetes or meha.

Neem Remedies for Dandruff- Easy and Effective
Neem Remedies for Dandruff- Easy and Effective

Neem is strongly recommended by Ayurveda Acharyas and widely prescribed by contemporary Ayurvedic physicians for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Scientists have an extensive review of effectiveness of neem leaves and neem extract in diabetes. These studies (1)have shown that neem helps to reduce blood glucose level and exert hypoglycemic effects.

How Neem Leaves help in type II Diabetes ?

Scientists opine that neem enhances insulin receptor sensitivity as it works well on type II diabetes. Neem Capsules which contain Neem powder and neem extract are recommended by ayurvedic physicians to control fluctuation of blood sugar level in the non availability of fresh neem leaves. These capsules are also used as adjuvant therapy along with diabetic medications. Since neem is a skin friendly herb it prevents skin problems like itching and dryness which arise in diabetes. Neem rejuvenates liver and help to control blood cholesterol which is a common problem in many diabetic patients.

How To Use Neem Leaves in Diabetes ?:

Ayurveda strongly recommends tikta rasa or bitter tasting foods to reduce blood sugar level in diabetes. Neem leaves are very bitter to taste. Here are few ways to use neem leaves to reduce blood sugar level in diabetes. Please consult qualified ayurvedic doctor before trying any herbal home remedies.

Neem Leaves Kashayam (neem decoction or neem water)

Boil a fistful of neem leaves in 750 ml of water till it reduces to half. Strain this water and store in an air tight container. You can refrigerate this. Take 50 ml of neem water and add 100 ml of plain water and consume twice daily.

Chewing Neem Leaves for Diabetes

Chew 9 to 10 fresh tender leaves in empty stomach twice daily.

Caution for Diabetic Patients while using Neem Leaves

People with diabetes should use neem only under strict medical supervision, with constant blood glucose level  monitoring. They should always consult qualified ayurvedic physician before consuming neem leaves along with their medications.

Use of Neem Leaves in Erectile Dysfunction due to Diabetes 

Ayurvedic physicians recommend to use neem leaves in Diabetes Erectile Dysfunction. These leaves are included in Diabetes Vajikarana Therapy  after analysing body constitution. These leaves effectively help in controlling fluctuating blood sugar level and allow Vajikarana herbs to act on target tissues, thus aiding Vajikarana Therapy to be of good help to patients.

What to do in non availability of fresh neem leaves ?

Neem capsules can be used in non availability of fresh neem leaves.

But we recommend you to consult an ayurvedic physician before starting these. (Consult our ayurvedic physician [email protected] for free).

Note: Do not stop the diabetic medications without consulting your physician.