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Important Morning Habits to Manage Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes

Manage Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes

Manage Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes

Diabetes is prevalent globally and still the count of diabetic patients is rising day by day. Diabetes affects all most all organs of body. Male reproductive system is not an exception to this. Diabetes affects natural functions like blood flow, sensation of skin, nerve endings and supply of nutrients. All these impaired functions lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

Is there a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction in diabetes?

Yes, erectile dysfunction in diabetes can be definitely managed by adopting healthy lifestyles, using herbs and keeping blood sugar under control. These methods improve blood circulation, supply of nutrients and flow of signals through nerve endings. Here are important habits which have to be adopted in morning to manage erectile dysfunction in diabetes.

  1. Drink a glass of water in empty stomach: Drinking a glass of warm water with a dash of lemon helps to flush the toxins out. It cleans the micro channels of body and eases the flow of blood and nutrients. This habit sets right the metabolism and keeps “agni” in normalcy.
  2. Say good bye to constipation: Empty the bowels before starting the morning activities. Practice healthy eating habits to keep the constipation at bay. A healthy diet with lots of vegetables, fruits and sufficient quantity of water prevent constipation. Healthy bowel habit always improves metabolism and absorption of nutrients.
  3. Exercise regularly: Make it a habit to rise early and exercise in fresh air for 45 minutes. A brisk walk for 45 minutes suffices for busy men. Working on a treadmill is also recommended if you are in a hurry. But make sure you pick up your jogging shoes in early morning for a better sexual health. Exercise reduces stress and helps to improve blood circulation.
  4. Chew Fenugreek or Methi Seeds: Soak 2 tea spoons of fenugreek or methi seeds in night. Chew these seeds along with water next day morning as soon as you finish the exercise. Chew them slowly and swallow it with little quantity of water.
  5. Take the help of Okra: Okra or bhendi is known for its medicinal properties. Wash 2 long slender okras and cut it into longitudinal pieces. Slit these pieces again. Soak these in a cup of water and leave them overnight. Next day morning discard the pieces of okra and drink the water before starting morning exercise routine.
  6. Herbs can be of Great Help: Use ayurvedic herbs which help in erectile dysfunction and also in controlling blood sugar. Herbs like ashwagandha, gokshura (tribulus), safed musli etc help to improve erectile dysfunction in diabetes. Doctors at Moolika Ayurveda have formulated one Vjiakarana combo of these herbs which help in erectile dysfunction in diabetes. It contains Rejuzoa – capsules for erectile dysfunction, Vajimix- aphrodisiac powder for men and many more.Check this Diabetic Vajikarana combo.


Diabetic Vajikarana Therapy Combo

Diabetic Vajikarana Therapy Combo


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