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How to Prepare Hair Pack for Dandruff and Hair Loss ?

hair pack for dandruff and hair loss
hair pack for dandruff and hair loss
hair pack for dandruff and hair loss

Come winter the dryness of scalp and itching surface. Hair loss follows this. Dryness of scalp leads to dandruff. Can herbs help in controlling this problem? Yes, herbs definitely help to control dandruff and Hair Loss. A hair pack made of natural things like herbs help to get rid of these two problems. Here is a simple method to prepare a Hair Pack for dandruff and Hair Loss.


¼ cup curd or unsweetened yogurt.

6 to 8 curry leaves

2 tea spoon methi (fenugreek seeds)

Amla powder – 2 tea spoon

Method: Soak methi seeds overnight in little water. Next day grind soaked methi seeds, curry leaves, curd and amla powder to a fine paste. Add little water if needed. Now hair pack for dandruff and hair loss is ready.

In this pack Amla is a hair friendly herb. All the ingredients provide plenty of anti-oxidants and nutrients. Curry leaves have antimicrobial property which effectively helps to control dandruff causing microbes. Curd and methi provide nourishment and condition the hair. Thus the total pack helps to control dandruff and prevent hair loss in a healthy non chemical way[/sociallocker]

How to apply?

For dry scalp: Massage scalp and hair with warm coconut oil before applying pack. Part the hairs and apply the pack on entire scalp. Leave this pack for one hour and wash it off with mild shampoo.

For oily scalp: Apply the pack directly on scalp by parting the hair. Leave it for one hour. Wash this off with suitable shampoo.

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