How to Lose Weight Easily at Home? Tips for House Wives
weight loss tips for housewives

How to Lose Weight Easily at Home? Tips for House Wives

It is very difficult to lose weight when you have gained it from a long time. In this article we would like to give simple weight loss tips for women especially for house wives.

Obesity is a greatest health problem, which is being experienced globally. Health experts warn that obesity may lead to other diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, joint pain etc. It also affects heart health.

You look old and tiered when you are obese. But weight loss helps to look young and feel energetic.

Landon Fewtrell says “Home is where the heart is… but the question is: is that a healthy heart or a heart on its way to a fatty plaque-deposited state? The truth is: many of us develop very bad eating habits at home. This is the one place where we feel most comfortable in, and therefore we usually do not focus on what we eat or do, even if it is making our waistband sizes balloon constantly. The worst thing about this deal is that: kids pick up these bad eating habits from us and eventually end up overweight or obese as well.”

Weight Loss Tips for House Wives

Here are some weight loss tips for house wives especially Indian house wives, on how to loose weight at home.

Tip 1Increase your steps: –

If you are not used for any type of exercises or daily walk start with this activity first. Increase your physical activity at home. Don’t overdo it on the day of start. Start it little by little and increase it slowly. View this picture for example

weight loss tips for housewives
weight loss tips for housewives

Apart from this, walk to nearby store to fetch milk, vegetables and other daily needs.

Climb stairs wherever possible. Lisa Marie Carter says “Stairs are brilliant for losing weight. Try and walk up and down them as many times as you can in one day, or buy a pedometer and see how many steps you can rack up in one twenty four hour period. You may be shocked at exactly how many steps you can take in your house, especially while doing the housework or the laundry. Housework is great for losing weight – washing windows work the arms, stairs work the bum and legs and washing floors can work all over”.

Tip 2 – Drink Ayurvedic Weight Loss Tea in empty stomach :

Drink a glass of warm water (not too hot) with half lime , a tea spoon of honey and ½ tea spoon of NILOBESE HERBAL AYURVEDIC WEIGHT LOSS TEA in morning hours in empty stomach. Lemon, honey and weight loss herbs in Nilobese  weight loss tea help a lot in attaining good weight loss. Nilobese weight loss tea contains powerful fat burning herbs. Ayurveda acharyas eulogise honey as having a fat scraping (lekhana guna) qualities. Honey acts as a carrier to the molecules of these herbs and help to reach deeper tissues. This drink also provide lots of anti-oxidants from herbs and boost metabolism. Apart from these they help to expel body toxins and your body experiences healthy detoxification. Repeat the same drink in evening two hours before dinner. Let this become your healthy habit. Nilobese tea absolutely do not have any side effects.

Tip 3 – Avoid sugar in all forms:

Cut off sugar intake. Start drinking sugarless tea or coffee. Strictly say no to sweets, pastries and soft drinks. Do not consume any packed juice. Cutting off sugar prevents weight gain and body starts using fat stores to derive energy for daily activities. Thus you are doubly benefited when sugar is withdrawn from your diet.

Tip4 – Include Vegetables and fruits in diet:

Make your plate colorful with vegetables and fruits. Reduce intake of rice, wheat, bread etc and increase the intake of vegetables and fruits. These are weight loss gifts from Mother Nature. They contain less calories and more of vitamins and minerals. They are brimmed with anti-oxidants which remove harmful molecules from body.  Cultivate a habit of eating vegetable salads before starting the meal and fruit mix after the meal.

Tip5 – Avoid refined flours:

Say good bye to refined flours like maida. They contain concentrated starch which is very high in calories and do not contain any beneficial nutrients. Usually bakery items are prepared using these types of flours and fat. Hence avoid these foods at any cost.

Tip5 – Bye Bye oil :

Use very less quantity of oil to cook. Practice weight loss cooking methods like steaming, cooking with non-stick utensils etc. Keep deep fried foods like chips, samosas, pakoras, etc at bay. Eat whole wheat biscuits or dry fruits at snacks time.

Tip6 – Don’t be a coach potato:

When you sit to watch your favorite serial make it a habit to walk around during commercial breaks. This improves blood circulation and boosts metabolism. Do not munch anything while watching TV.

Landon Fewtrell further adds “Lead a more active lifestyle. Sure you want to lose about 5 to 6 inches off your waist, but how can you do that when you would rather sit in front of the TV watching soaps than going out for a walk. By simply moving more, you will notice that your energy level will be more heightened. You can try scheduling family activities like a trip to the beach, or just making a huge deal with a trip to the pound to get a pet. These simple activities will have your family up and running in no time. Assuredly so, being excited with your life has more calorie burning effects than being excited over the next episode of your favorite soap opera.”

Tip7 – Change your eating habits:

Never overeat. Eat 2 hours before going to sleep. Drink plenty of water. Hydration is very important when you are on a weight loss path. It’s a big no for fast foods and junk foods in daily diet. Ayurvedic experts recommend to consume NILOBESE HERBAL WEIGHT LOSS CAPSULES after breakfast and dinner. Herbs in these capsules help in digestion and prevent accumulation of fat.

Weight loss has to be achieved with consistent and constant efforts. It cannot be achieved overnight. Do not lose enthusiasm. Keep working towards weight loss goal.

Happy Weight Loss at HOME !!!!!!!

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