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Health Benefits of Ashwagandha in Old age

Health Benefits of Ashwagandha in Elderly

Ashwagandha for Old Age Health Issues

Elderly persons usually suffer from tissue inflammations which lead to pain in muscles and joints. Ashwagandha has best anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce inflammation of tissues and relieve pain. Thus people suffering from arthritis , joint pains and muscle cramps can reap the benefits of Ashwagandha  .

Health benefits of Ashwagandha in elderly

Ashwagandha or winter cherry is recommended by ayurvedic acharyas for elderly people who need rejuvenation of tissues.

Insomnia or sleeplessness

Aged persons suffer from sleeping disorders. Insomnia or sleeplessness is very common in them. This herb helps to normalise sleeping pattern and they wake up in morning with revived energy and freshness.

Boosts memory

Reduction in memory is not an unusual symptom in elderly. They tend to forget very easily. Ashwagandha boosts memory and help them to overcome this situation.

Improves Immunity

Lowered immunity in old age makes elderly susceptible for repeated microbial infections. Repeated infections lowers body energy and they feel feeble. The herb Ashwagandha boosts immunity and reduces incidences of infection.

Balances Body

This herb is a best adaptogen. It reduces stress and stabilizes body functions and balances the body fluids. It balances doshas or vital forces of body.

Sets right digestion

Impaired digestion is a common problem in elderly persons. They always suffer from indigestion, bloating, loss of appetite, flatulence, constipation  etc.  Winter Cherry increases appetite, normalizes digestion and improves bowel movement.

Rejuvenates body

It is the best rejuvenator and increases body energy level. It slows down aging process. According to ayurveda it strengthens muscles and body tissues.

Balances Blood Pressure and Blood Cholesterol

Ashwagandha immensely help to prevent fluctuation of blood pressure and also controls blood cholesterol level.