Effects of Diabetes on Male Fertility and Ayurvedic Treatment
Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count

Effects of Diabetes on Male Fertility and Ayurvedic Treatment

Diabetes in men can cause low sperm count and low sperm motility, which affects their fertility. Men with diabetes are more prone to male infertility. Ayurveda recommends various treatments, herbs and remedies for male infertility caused due to diabetes

Diabetes has been studied to be one of the most chronic diseases to affect more than 20 million Americans according to American Diabetes Association. However, with more than 50 million diabetic patients in India, the country has been taken as the world capital of diabetes with about 7.1% population. More young people are living with diabetes in the country and study has shown that it poses a significant threat to the future.

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Diabetes and Male Infertility

Diabetes has severe effects on the male reproductive system as diabetic men have been proved to be twice standing the risk of suffering from DNA sperms damage compared to those without diabetes disease.

Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre has studied and shown that diabetes reduces motility, quality, and quantity of male sperm.

If a couple is facing difficulty in having conception, the fertility issue related to diabetes in men is usually neglected as the main focus is always on women. This puts more pressure on women not knowing that men living with diabetes have lower semen volume than non-diabetic ones. Other issues that also significantly affect men with diabetes are sperm quality and DNA fragmentation, especially men who are suffering from unstable blood sugar levels called blood sugar dysfunction.

The effects of diabetes in men are not only infertility but also include continuous dysfunctions, damages and failures of many organs in the body. However, for the purpose of this content, its effects on male fertility will be discussed. How does it affect? What are the infertility conditions associated with diabetes? These and much more will be highlighted.

Diabetes in Men and its Effects on Sperm Health

One of the health problems associated with diabetes in men is its effects on male fertility and overall reproductive system. Many scientists have shed more light on the science behind this anomaly. It was studied and shown that glucose metabolism plays a vital role in spermatogenesis and as well as important for primary cell activity maintenance and specific sperms functions like sperm motility and quality fertilization.

Ayurvedic remedies for low sperm count
Ayurvedic remedies for low sperm count in diabetes

It was proven that type 1 and type 2 diabetes disease may have adverse effects on male fertility, particularly on the quality of sperms such as sperm DNA integrity, sperm motility, sperm count and seminal plasma ingredients. Men also suffer issues of fertility as result of high glucose levels. Retrograde ejaculation in men with diabetes is also a problem linking to male infertility. DNA damage is another serious issue in men with diabetes.

Many researchers have confirmed in their reports that sperm DNA damage is capable of preventing pregnancy, affects normal fetus, live and healthy birth. Some of the outcomes of some studies are summarized below:

  • It was discovered that men with diabetes have lower semen levels compared to non-diabetic counterpart.
  • Diabetic men’s sperm cells have more nuclear DNA.
  • Men with diabetic’s sperm cells have more mitochondrial DNA deletions unlike their counterpart without diabetes.

Male Infertility Conditions of Men with Diabetes

Diabetes in men has been attributed to some certain health conditions that inhibit conception and make conception difficult without treatment. These conditions are not limited to retrograde ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sperm quality, retarded or delayed ejaculation, low testosterone, and much more. These conditions are highlighted below:

Retrograde ejaculation:

Men with diabetes or high blood glucose levels tend to develop a condition known as retrograde ejaculation. This is an abnormal situation where semen enters the bladder as against normal ejaculation during sexual intercourse. The nerve damage hinders the bladder muscles from constricting and keeping sperm away from the bladder during male ejaculation.

Though retrograde ejaculation is not a serious health issue; however, it is capable of inhibiting conceptions without treatment such as assisted reproductive technology.

low sperm count and motility in diabetes
low sperm count and motility in diabetes

The sperm quantity in semen may be normal as ejaculated by the man, but due to the fact that little or no semen does enter the appropriate organ in the body during orgasm, little or no sperm gets to the woman’s vagina. Therefore, there is no available sperm to fertilize the woman eggs which may result to conception.

Erectile dysfunction:

This problem has often been linked with diabetic men as they are unable to maintain or get a firm erection that can withstand sex. (Read Ayurvedic Treatment for Erectile dysfunction in Diabetes) Erection dysfunction in men with diabetes can be caused by a decrease or improper supply of blood to the penis. Other causes are related to poor lasting blood sugar control which is responsible for damage blood vessels and nerves, untreated diabetes, coronary artery disease, and high blood pressure. One or combination of these causes is capable of giving men erectile dysfunction which is one of the keys to infertility.

erectile dysfunction in diabetes
erectile dysfunction in diabetes

Delayed ejaculation:

It is also known as “retarded ejaculation” or “impaired ejaculation”. Retarded ejaculation is common health condition in which a man struggles for a prolonged period of sex to ejaculate due to some certain health problems. This delayed ejaculation results to inability to finally ejaculate to fertilize woman’s egg; hence, conception may not be possible. One of the causes of the health condition is diabetes; a disease that damages penile nerve of the reproductive system. ( Click here for Stallion oil for penis massage ) Other causes are stress, psychological issues, and some certain medications.

Poor sperm quality:

There are two different issues as regard to sperm, and they are sperm quality and sperm motility. Sometimes, the two are viewed as one to cause male infertility. However, sperm quality can be described as a sperm’s capability to fertilize an egg in woman reproductive system, while sperm motility is sperm’s capacity to travel or move towards an egg with a view to fertilize it. While sperm quality is affected by diabetes, sperm motility is not. Studies have shown that quality of sperm of the diabetic men is lower than their counterparts without diabetes.

Low testosterone:

It is also known as hypogonadism. Testosterone is a hormone that reduces as men getting older and has been linked to infertility and diabetes. ( Click here for Testosterone Boosting Herbs) Since it is a natural occurrence, low testosterone does not have a cure, but there are options for treatment to improve those hormone levels via assisted reproductive technology, medication, lifestyle changes such as weight loss ( Click here for ayurvedic weight loss remedy) , exercise, and much more.

Ayurvedic Treatment for male infertility in diabetes

Though there are available treatments to handle each of the male diabetic infertility conditions directly, the best-suggested management is to closely control and treat diabetes itself. Controlling the blood sugar levels is the key to successful treatment of male infertility in men with diabetes. This diabetic control includes eating healthy food (such as low glycemic indexed foods), regular exercise, insulin, oral hypoglycemic agents, and with the help of your physician. However, in the case of all the preventive treatment fails, the case should be referred to health professionals for upward treatment.

Texts of Ayurveda recommend Shukrala Dravyas (Herbs which boost sperm health) or herbs to increase sperm motility and sperm count. These herbs have to be carefully chosen to show their optimum effect in diabetes related low sperm count.  Expert qualified ayurvedic doctors at Moolika Ayurveda have formulated Vajimix Powder and Rejuzoa Capsules (which are sugar free ) to improve the sperm count and sperm motility . These preparations along with Ashwagandha capsules and Neem capsules effectively help to treat male infertility in diabetes. ( Click here for Diabetes Vajikarana Therapy ).


Diabetes is a health issue that requires grave concern and careful attention such as exercise, diet, and a little adjustment in the lifestyles habits. If diabetes disease is well-taken care, the patient can live a normal and healthy life with little or no effect on their condition. Effective treatment and control of blood sugar levels in men with diabetes are essential in helping infertility problem of diabetic patients.

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