4 Best Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Dry Skin
Ayurvedic home remedies and treatment for dry skin

4 Best Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Ayurvedic natural home remedies and treatment for dry skin on face, hand, legs and body are very effective. You can use coconut oil, sesame oil or castor oil for mild to extreme dryness

Come winter dry skin is a big problem for everyone. Maintaining the skin health becomes a herculean task. This article explains ayurvedic remedies and treatment which can be done at home in easy way to keep the dryness of skin on face, arms, hands, legs and body at bay.

What is dry skin according to Ayurveda?

Dry skin condition also known as rooksha twacha in ayurveda. Based on principles of ayurveda this condition occurs due to increased vata. Vata one of the 3 energetic forces plays a great role in keeping the skin healthy. Increased vata dosha, reduced kapha dosha and imbalanced pitta cause dryness of skin and also can cause itching. The main aim of treating dry skin is to balance these three doshas.

#1 Ayurvedic Home remedy to keep dry body skin soft.

The best treatment for whole body skin during winter is to keep its surface moist. Take a scoop of (around 5 gms) PSORIBAN AYURVEDIC CREAM for dry skin and melt it with 100 ml of coconut oil (Read Health Benefits of Coconut as described in ayurveda) . While melting take the cream and oil mix in a bowl and keep it hot water. Do not heat the mix directly on flame. Store this in an airtight container. At the end of bath take 5 ml of this cream and oil mix on your palm and gently rub it all over the body when you still have water on skin. After this gently sprinkle a mug of water on your body and pat dry skin with a clean towel. This process sandwiches water between the oil and skin trapping the moistness. You can repeat the same at night too. If your skin is too dry consume MOOLIKA SKINGLOW CAPSULES to detoxify skin and maintain its health from inside.

PSORIBAN CREAM Contains ayurvedic ingredients like castor oil (Read ayurveda health benefits of castor oil) , beeswax (Read Beeswax for psoriasis and dry skin) , karanja (Read How Karanja–Pongamia Pinnata Helps to Heal Psoriasis and Dry Skin) , durva (Ayurveda Health Benefits of Durva Grass- Cynodon Dactylon) and neem (Read ayurveda health benefits of Neem). These not only protect the skin but also prevent infections from microbes like bacteria and fungus, which usually occur when skin is dry. These ingredients when get mixed with coconut oil make an excellent natural moisturiser.


# 2 Ayurvedic Home remedy for dry skin on legs, arms and hands

Many experience dryness of skin on legs, arms and hands more than any other body parts. This is because legs and hands are usually more exposed to varying weather conditions. For this melt 50 grams of PSORIBAN CREAM with 200 ml of coconut oil and store it in an airtight container. (Use the method to melt as mentioned in previous remedy). Massage this mix, twice in a day on legs and hands. After the massage wear cotton clothes which cover your legs and hands. If you feel the skin is too dry apply this mix 3 or 4 times in a day. This mix can be used as hand cream to apply in night.

#3 Ayurvedic Home remedy for dry skin on face:

If your face is too dry take 2 to 3 drops of coconut oil and rub it between your palms. Now gently massage your face with these greased palms. Ghee can also be used instead of coconut oil. This has to be done at night before going to bed or when you are at home. Do not go out with oil on your face as it may attract dust and microbes leading to infections. If you have infected acne and pimple then do not try this remedy.

#4 Ayurvedic home remedies to balance doshas in dry skin condition

Apart from the above mentioned remedies follow these tips to balance vata and keep skin healthy.

  • Drink 7-8 glasses of hot water throughout day
  • Avoid dry and refrigerated foods.
  • Always keep your body warm.
  • Make it a point to massage your body with warm sesame oil at least once in a week.
  • Use 10 ml of ghee per day in your diet.
  • Consume dry fruits like almonds, walnuts and pistachios.
  • Never take long hot showers. This strips off the natural oil from skin.
  • Do not expose skin to cold breeze or in spaces which are air conditioned. Use humidifier if you use an air conditioner.
  • Cover your body with cotton clothes don’t use synthetic ones. Cotton clothes absorb sweat and do not allow germs to breed.
  • Say good bye to harsh soaps when you have dry skin.
  • Always scrub your skin with chick pea flour or fine oat meal instead of soap. Soak these flours in water for 5 minutes before applying on body.

Author : Dr.Savitha Suri. Consultant ayurvedic physician. 

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