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Lotus seeds also known as kamal ghatta in hindi and are popularly referred as Padma Beeja in Sanskrit. Padma Beeja means seeds of lotus flower. Lotus flower belongs to the genus Nilumbo and species Nilumbo Nucifera. These seeds are very popular in East Asia and they are used in their cuisine. Lotus seed paste is […]

Ashwagandha Milk Recipe for Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes

Ashwagandha Milk Recipe for Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes

Texts of Ayurveda recommend various recipes to enhance the sexual function of men. Among these the milk recipes which are prepared using aphrodisiac herbs are very popular. Here is a recipe specially designed for diabetic men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. The ingredients in this recipe help to control blood sugar level along with nourishing […]

stallion herbal oil for pennis massage

Role of Sesame Oil in Boosting Strength of Male Organ

Pure Sesame oil is used as base oil Moolika Stallion Pennis massage oil. The stallion oil which is prepared using ayurvedic traditional taila paka vidhi contains male energy boosting herbs like Ashwagandha, kapikacchu, shatavari and Gokshura. Let us analyse the Role of Sesame Oil in this product. Texts of Ayurveda laud the qualities of sesame […]

Buy 2 Jars of Vajikarana Mix -Vajimix

Vajimix an Aphrodisiac Powder for Men

Introduction: Vajimix is an aphrodisiac powder specially designed for men. It contains aphrodisiac herbs which are highly eulogised by Ayurveda acharyas for their aphrodisiac properties. It is easy to use and is highly recommended by ayurvedic doctors for its effectiveness in boosting sexual energy. This aphrodisiac powder is formulated based on principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda […]

Prepare Vajikarana Milk – A Vajikarana Food

Texts of Ayurveda explain various recipes to boost sexual energy and stamina of men. These recipes are known as Vajikarana Recipes. “Vaji” is a Sanskrit word which means horse. “Karana” in Sanskrit means making. The herbs, preparations or recipes which make men strong as horse are known as “Vajikarana Dravyas” One such recipe is Vajikarana […]

Herbs For Erectile Dysfunction

6 Herbs For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very common male sexual health problem. In this condition man has trouble to achieve sufficient erection to satisfy his partner. The process of erection involves various organ systems. Brain, nervous system, blood vessels, muscles, hormones, emotions etc play a great role in achieving good erections. Any interruption in the sequence […]

2rejuzoa capsu;es for erectile dysfunction

Moolika Rejuzoa Capsules for Erectile Dysfunction

The men sexual health condition “Erectile Dysfunction” is prevalent since ages. Texts of Ayurveda explain this condition in detail and recommend effective remedies to fight this problem naturally. Doctors at Moolika Ayurveda who have 25 years of clinical experience to their credit have formulated various ayurvedic remedies for erectile dysfunction. REJUZOA capsules are one such […]

vajikarana Herbs

An Introduction to Vajikarana Herbs

According to priciples of ayurveda – men who are interested in sex will be sexually very active. These men are at a greater risk of losing sexual energy and nutrients. Loss of energy and nutrients may lead to erectile dysfunction, low libido and poor semen quality and quantity. (Low sperm count and motility). These men […]