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Ayurveda Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor Oil is extracted from seeds of plant Ricinus Communis. It is known as Arandi in Hindi and Haralenne in Kannada. Texts of Ayurveda recommend use of this oil both internally and externally. But this oil has to be used internally under the supervision of a qualified ayurvedic doctor. Improper consumption of castor oil causes […]

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Beeswax for Psoriasis and Dry Skin

Beeswax is also known as “Madhuchista” (the spit of bees) in Sanskrit. This wax is an amazing natural substance that can be used in many ways to improve our health. Beeswax is used in preparations of ayurvedic ointments and creams. Beeswax is the natural wax made by honey bees in the hive.  When secreted the […]

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How Karanja–Pongamia Pinnata Helps to Heal Psoriasis and Dry Skin

Karanja which has a botanical name as Pongamia Pinnata is an important plant which is recommended in texts of Ayurveda for psoriasis. It belongs to Fabaceae family. These trees are distributed throughout India up to 1200 feet height from sea level. Texts of Ayurveda eulogise this plant with various names based on its physical features. […]

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How to Overcome Itching Dry skin through Ayurveda Remedies

The problem with dry skin are many. It is very dry to touch and looks dull. The skin glow is absent and it may flake off while removing cloths or when rubbed with towel. One of the main things about dry skin is that it can drive people crazy when becomes itchy. The dryness and […]

Ayurvedic Treatment for Female Pattern Hair Loss

Ayurvedic Treatment for Female Pattern Hair Loss

Women suffer hair loss in a particular pattern. Frequent hormonal level variations due to puberty, pregnancy, lactating period, menstrual cycle, menopause etc cause moderate to severe hair loss in Females. Signs of hair loss in women: General thinning of hair all over the head Moderate hair loss on the crown of the head or at […]

Coconut Milk for Hair Growth

Coconut milk is a treasure house of nutrients. It contains protein, vitamins, minerals and fats. It benefits hair in many ways. This milk is usually used in hair packs to harvest its benefits.  How to extract coconut milk to use in hair packs? Take one cup of freshly grated coconut. Add 1/4 cup of water […]

Benefits Of Head Massage With Ayurvedic Oils

Benefits Of Head Massage With Ayurvedic Oils

Texts of Ayurveda recommend massaging head with ayurvedic oils to take care of organs above shoulder. This ancient method of head massage is still practiced in every home of India. This massage is done for young and old. In India even new born babies are given mild head massage with herbal oils. Head massage is […]

hair pack for dandruff and hair loss

How to Prepare Hair Pack for Dandruff and Hair Loss ?

Come winter the dryness of scalp and itching surface. Hair loss follows this. Dryness of scalp leads to dandruff. Can herbs help in controlling this problem? Yes, herbs definitely help to control dandruff and Hair Loss. A hair pack made of natural things like herbs help to get rid of these two problems. Here is […]

Ayurvedic Tips to Prevent Hair Loss / Hair Fall

Ayurvedic Tips to Prevent Hair Loss / Hair Fall

Hair Loss is a very common problem of teenagers, men and women. Almost all systems of medicine offer solutions to hair loss. Ayurvedic solution to hair loss is very effective. When this condition is treated at early stages hair fall can be completely stopped. Based on principles of Ayurveda hair is by product of Bone […]

essential ayurvedic tips and treatment for Back acne

10 essential ayurvedic tips and treatment for Back acne

Back acne is considered as “kshudra kushta roga” in Ayurveda. Ayurveda acharyas recommend various remedy for back acne. Back acne is the same condition like facial acne. It occurs when sebaceous glands of skin are blocked and infected. Back acne leaves ugly scars. Due to this girls will not be able to wear low backed […]