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Ayurvedic Tips for glowing skin

ayurvedic tips for glowing skin

We all would like our skin to be smooth, silky and glowing. How to get this silky smooth skin without much efforts and cost?

Here is a simple three step daily routine.

  1. Take a warm water shower. Don’t stand under shower for a long time as this removes the natural oil from skin.
  2. When your body is still wet, pour 10 ml of pure coconut oil (Read Health Benefits of coconut ayurveda view ) on your palm. Gently massage the whole wet body with this oil.
  3. Stand under shower just for a minute and allow it to dry on its own.

Just feel your skin. You can appreciate its soft and glowing texture. Coconut oil also helps to keep the skin moist for a very long time. The natural ingredients of this oil simply blend with the natural human skin.


Moolika Skin Glow ayurvedic Capules for clean and clear skin
Moolika Skin Glow ayurvedic Capules for clean and clear skin


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Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

Health benefits of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha – also known as Indian Winter Cherry has the Botanical name Withania Somnifera -It has innumerable benefits for both Men and women. It is a shrub belonging to Solanace family. It is grown in the western India, Gujarat, MP, Punjab and in Himalayas.

Ashwagandha gets its name because its roots have the odor of horse. (Ashwa = horse , gandha = odor). It is called by another name Varaha karni because its leaves resemble pigs ear. Ashwagandha has light (laghu) and sticky (snigdha) properties, bitter and sweet taste. On digestion the sweet taste dominates. The main part used is root of this her

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