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Best Indian Herbs to Increase Sperm Count

Best Indian Herbs to Increase Sperm Count

Ayurveda recommends various herbs and medicines like ashwagandha, kapikacchu, safed musli, kokilaksha , shatavari, lotus seeds etc to increase sperm count and motility.

Low sperm count and low sperm motility are major causes for male infertility. Ayurveda the age-old Indian health science recommends various herbs and medicines to increase sperm count and motility. This article throws light on such herbs which help in male infertility.

Ayurvedic Herbs to Increase Sperm Count

Ayurveda acharyas have categorised sperm increasing herbs as “shukrala”. Shukrala  means the herbs which increase shukra dhatu. Shukra dhatu is the main tissue which when healthy and balanced, enhances quality and quantity of sperms . The herbs which boost the health of shukra dhatu thus aiding in increasing sperm count are explained below.


Ashwagandha also known as winter cherry has a botanical name Withania Somnifera. This herb exhibits various medicinal properties. It rejuvenates body tissues, reduces stress, calms mind, reduces inflammation of tissues, boosts energy and improves number of healthy sperms. (Read Ashwagandha for stress  and Ashwagandha Milk Recipes for Erectile Dysfunction in diabetes)

Kapikacchu or Mucuna:

Ayurveda acharyas call this herb as Atma Gupta. Seeds of this plant which contain high concentration of L-Dopa are used for medicinal purpose. Texts of Ayurveda eulogize this herb as Vajikara as it elevates moods, controls movement, boosts male fertility and also an herb of choice for erectile dysfunction. It balances vata but increases pitta and kapha. Hence this has to be used with caution. This has to be strictly used under medical supervision. ( Read Mucuna Pruriens Benefits-Testosterone-Male Infertility)

Safed Musli or Shweta Musli:

This herb has a botanical name Chlorophytum Borivillanum. Rhizomes of this herb are used in ayurvedic medicinal preparations. Safed musli acts as body coolant, boosts body energy, stamina and increases healthy sperm count and motility. Ayurveda acharyas particularly describe this herb as “shukrala” which means it increases quality and quantity of shukra dhatu or semen.  (Read Health Benefits of safed Musli)


Shatavari has anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces inflammation of body tissues and restore vitality. It normalizes blood pressure and boosts fertility in both men and women. Ayurveda acharyas state that this herb increases shukra dhatu and helps to improve sperm count and motility (Read Ayurveda Health benefits of Shatavari )

Gokshura (Tibulus Terrestris):

Various researches have shown that tribulus helps to lower blood cholesterol and blood sugar level. Naturopaths have found that it boosts testosterone level in men. Hence this herb plays a great role in enhancing the male fertility. It increases strength of muscles, boosts healthy sperm count and improves overall health of men. (Read Tribulus terrestris or Gokshura benefits – testosterone )

Padma Beeja or Lotus Seeds:

Ayurveda vaidyas praise lotus seeds as vrishya or aphrodisiac. These seeds not only improve sexual function in men but also help to increase health of sperm. Thus Padma Beeja or Lotus seed is praised by texts of Ayurveda for their male fertility enhancing properties. (Read AYURVEDA HEALTH BENEFITS OF LOTUS SEEDS OR KAMAL GATTA)

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