Extract of safed musli is added in ayurvedic capsules or pills. (Rejuzoa ayurvedic capsules or Pills for men vitality and vigour). These can be taken after consulting a qualified ayurvedic physician.

Vajikara Rasayana

This herb is used in classical avaleha preparation. This has to be taken along with milk. (vajikara lehyam is a vajikarana rasayana which contains safed musli in classical ayurvedic preparation)

Vajikarana Oil

Sometimes this herb with other vajikarana herbs is processed in pure sesame oil to prepare an ayurvedic massage oil. This can be massaged on male genital organ to boost blood circulation and improve hard erections. This helps in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. (stallion oil a vajikarana oil for penis massage)

Preparations of this herb are used in cystitis, general weakness. As it is devoid of starch it can be used in diabetic patients to increase quality and quantity of semen.