Benefits Of Head Massage With Ayurvedic Oils
Benefits Of Head Massage With Ayurvedic Oils

Benefits Of Head Massage With Ayurvedic Oils

Massaging scalp with ayurvedic oils help to exfoliate scalp skin, improve blood circulation, aids in hair growth, prevent hair loss, remove clogged dirt and toxin. It also provides nourishment and prevents drying of hair and scalp.

Texts of Ayurveda recommend massaging head with ayurvedic oils to take care of organs above shoulder. This ancient method of head massage is still practiced in every home of India. Head massage or scalp massage is done for young and old. In India even new born babies are given mild head massage with herbal oils.

Benefits of Head or Scalp Massage with Ayurvedic Oils

Massaging head with ayurvedic oils has innumerable benefits.

Relieves Stress and Induces Sleep

Head massage relieves stress and calms mind. It relaxes body and mind. By massaging head with ayurvedic herbal oil one can improve their concentration and feel rejuvenated. This type of massage improves blood circulation not only in head but throughout body. Head massage improves sleep pattern and is a quick home remedy for insomnia.

Rejuvenates Scalp Skin

Scalp massaging helps to remove dead skin from scalp. It improves blood circulation and eliminates accumulated dirt and toxin.

Aids in Hair Growth and Prevents Hair loss

Massaging head with ayurvedic oil stimulates hair follicles and improves hair growth. Since it improves blood circulation and provides nourishment, scalp massage helps to prevent hair loss.

How to Do A Head Massage ?

Head massage is done by putting little pressure on pressure points of scalp and neck.

According to Daisy Raybould – The best way to massage the scalp is by spreading the fingers on both hands like a web pattern on either side of the face and using small circular motions, slowing move the hands around the head covering the entire scalp. The process is very similar to washing your hair except it is not done in haste, but much more slowly and softly to not only aid in hair growth, but promote an overall feeling of relaxation.

A scalp massage should be firm enough to really stimulate the scalp, but care should be taken in the amount of pressure used to avoid pulling or breaking the hair.

Keeping all these benefits in view Moolika Ayurveda has come out with an ayurvedic herbal hair oil KESHPRIDE which is prepared through method of sneha paka vidhi (a special method of preparing ayurvedic oils as illustrated in texts of Ayurveda).

The benefits of head massage with KESHPRIDE oil are innumerable.

  1. It relieves stress and improves the feeling of wellbeing.
  2. It elevates mood and relaxes muscles of scalp.
  3. It improves hair health.
  4. It increases volume and length of hair
  5. Strengthens the hair follicles and arrests hair loss
  6. Increases blood circulation to scalp and slows down premature aging.
  7. Ayurvedic physicians opine that amla , bhrigaraj and brahmi slow down aging process and act as anti-aging herbs. Keshpride hair oil contains these anti-aging herbs processed in pure coconut oil.
  8. Since keshpride contains neem a power full herbal anti-microbial, it prevents formation of dandruff and acts as anti-dandruff hair oil.
  9. Say good bye to sleepless nights. This oil improves sleep and is a best remedy for insomnia
  10. Pure coconut oil is the base oil for Keshpride hair oil. Massaging this oil on scalp strengthens the roots of hair and arrests hair loss
  11. This is the best oil for hair loss in PCOS

How to use KESHPRIDE Anti dandruff hair strengthening oil?

Take required quantity of keshpride oil in a small bowl. Place this bowl in hot water to warm the oil. Soak a small cotton ball in oil and apply this oil all over scalp by parting the hair. After applying oil massage the scalp with finger tips in circular motion. Allow the oil to stay for 60 minutes. Wash it off with mild shampoo which suits your scalp.

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