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Ayurvedic Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes

Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes

Texts of Ayurveda recommend Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in diabetes. Ayurveda acharyas advise to use Vajikarana Herbs which have multiple actions like controlling blood sugar level, improving sexual energy and stamina in diabetic Men.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is described as the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for his sexual needs or the needs of his partner. Erectile dysfunction is sometimes called as “impotence”. Ayurveda describes erectile dysfunction as “Claibya” or inability to get hard erections to complete the process of copulation. It also describes types of Impotence.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence in Diabetes

We all know that erection involves a series of signals and functions which involve brain, nerves, muscles, veins, skin and blood flow. Damage to any of these tissues or interruption in transmission of signals among these may prevent occurrence of erection. This causes erectile dysfunction.

Diabetes affects skin, nerve endings and blood circulation. These effects interfere with sexual life of diabetic patient. Apart from this impaired absorption of nutrients, fluctuating blood sugar level and stress caused due to diabetes play havoc in sexual life of diabetic men. Researches have shown that more than 50% of diabetic men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Now the question arises “How to treat this condition” ?

Ayurvedic treatment for Impotence in diabetes

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While describing types of impotence, modern science includes diabetic impotence in this list. Texts of Ayurveda recommend Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in diabetes. Ayurveda acharyas advise to use Vajikarana Herbs which have multiple actions.

Vajikarana Herbs

vajikarana Herbs

vajikarana Herbs

Herbs like safed musli, ashwagandha, kapikacchu or mucuna, vidari kanda, black musli, guduchi, amla, shatavari etc constitute vajikarana herbs.

These Vajikarana ayurvedic herbs have the following properties and actions.

  1. They supply plenty of anti-oxidants which are needed in diabetes to ward of ill effects of free radicals.
  2. Herbs are source of nutrients like minerals and vitamins.
  3. They lower stress level
  4. The Vajikarana Properties of herbs help to boost libido and strong erections.
  5. They help to control fluctuating blood sugar level.
  6. The Vajikarana Herbs help to increase volume of semen. They also help to improve sperm count and sperm motility.
  7. These herbs when combined together aid to improve erectile dysfunction in diabetes and infertility due to diabetes.
  8. Herbs are natural and are devoid of any side effects unlike over the counter drugs which are available for erectile dysfunction.
  9. The natural treatment for erectile dysfunction in diabetes is safe and improves quality of sexual life.
  10. Herbs like ashwagandha and shatavari naturally reduce stress levels and help to improve quality of sleep.
  11. Bitter herbs like Neem , bitter melon, guduchi etc help to improve blood sugar level. Itching and skin infections are very common in diabetes. Neem improves these conditions and help to prevent skin infections.

Dinacharya or Daily Healthy Habits

Manage Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes

Manage Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes

Ayurveda strongly recommends to keep the tridoshas in balance. This can be done by following dinacharya or ayurvedic healthy routines in morning and throughout day helps to improve stamina and energy. Even seasonal routines or rutucharya also help to balance doshas.

Eating balanced foods based on agni or digestion power, exercising regularly, practising yoga and meditation helps in a long way to fight ED in diabetes.

The total natural ayurvedic therapy successfully helps in treatment of Erectile dysfunction in diabetes. Moolika Ayurveda has introduced REJUZOA capsules for erectile dysfunction and VAJIMIX the herbal Vajikarana Herb Mix for diabetes men who suffer erectile dysfunction.

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