Ayurveda Health Benefits of Garlic
Ayurvedic health benefits of garlic

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Garlic

Ayurveda eulogises health benefits of garlic. It helps to control diabetes, manages weight, reduces cholesterol, aids in blood pressure and is the best aphrodisiac.

Garlic is one of the oldest and famous medicinal plants used as a spice and other varieties of healing medicine. Over times, garlic has been employed in Indian and China medicine to help in breathing problems, digestion, cancer, to treat parasitic diseases, and much more. It is a Central Asia healthy herb belonging to genus Allium.

It is equipped with an essential chemical compound known as allicin, an excellent therapeutic ingredient that contains medicinal quality to offer numerous health benefits. Allicin compound in garlic has sulfur to give out its unique smell and pungent savor, as well as other innumerable health benefits.

This article aims at discussing the ayurvedic health benefits of garlic, but before that, we will look at the nutritional values of the herb.

Ayurvedic Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic belongs to genus called Allium. Onion also belongs to same genus. Garlic has been discovered to be irresistible due to its unique roasted aroma and savor. As a result of its captivating flavor, it has been employed as the main ingredient in curries, pasta, stir-fries, meat preparations, pizza toppings, dips, and much more.

Garlic contains numerous properties to treat many diseases and health issues. Below are the top health benefits of garlic:

Prevents and controls diabetes symptoms:

A study on diabetic rats has revealed that garlic can help diabetic conditions by regulating blood sugar levels, controls some diabetes conditions, nephropathy, and atherosclerosis. Untreated diabetes can affect the kidneys, causes heart diseases, hinder the activities of the nervous system, and can even result in poor eyesight. Diabetes is the main cause for erectile dysfunction in men. Garlic being natural aphrodisiac, also helps to control blood sugar level. Thus using garlic is doubly beneficial in men suffering from diabetes. (Click here for Ayurvedic remedy for Erectile dysfunction in diabetes)

Garlic for diabetes
Garlic for diabetes

Controls high blood pressure:

Garlic has been applauded for its prevention and treatment of hypertension and other heart-related diseases. It contains an essential compound called allicin which helps in relaxing the blood vessels. Regular consumption of garlic is capable of lowering blood pressure that leads to hypertension. Many clinical studies have shown that garlic lowers blood pressure with its statistic stands at 12 mmHg of the 80% of the hypertensive patients.

Garlic for high blood pressure
Garlic for high blood pressure

Aids digestion:

Incorporating garlic in your diet plays an important role in eliminating any digestive issues. It does this by helping the functions of the intestines to aid smooth digestion. The gastric canal irritation or swelling can be controlled and treated by garlic.

A best ayurvedic treatment for Impotence :

Garlic is praised as vrushya and vajikara. That means it acts as an aphrodisiac and helps in Impotence . Garlic milk is the best recipe to consume in erectile dysfunction.

Prevents and fights cancer:

Garlic is one of the cancer-fighting herbs that shouldn’t be overlooked. It promises to treat cancer with its organo-sulfur compounds such as ajoene, DATS, S-allylmercaptocysteine (SAMC), and DADA by inducing cell cycle arrest in vitro experiment of the cancer cells. The sulfur compound contained in garlic induces programmed cell death called apoptosis when it is used in cancer cells. Consume garlic to reduce the risk of cancer.

Lowers cholesterol levels:

The allicin compound contained in garlic is studied to be effective in lowering the LDL cholesterol which is bad for the overall human well being. It inhibits bad cholesterol from oxidizing in the body. If you have high cholesterol level, adding garlic in your diet will help regulate its levels.

Enhances weight management:

Apart from lowering LDL cholesterol levels, allicin is also connected to the reduction of triglyceride and insulin levels. A study carried out on laboratory animals showed that garlic could reduce insulin spike and help in the digestion of sugar on a high sugar diet animal. This indicates that garlic is capable of reducing weight gain and as well as aid sugar level stability in the people living with diabetes. ( Click here to know more about ayurvedic herbal natural remedies for weight loss)

Garlic for weight management
Garlic for weight management

Aids in eye care:

Garlic contains essential nutrients such as vitamin C, quercetin, and selenium which aids in treating eye swelling and infections. It has been found useful in enhancing eye clear vision.

Treat cold:

If you perceive any traces of colds and coughs, take raw garlic, at least 2 crushed cloves. Garlic helps in minimizing the asperity of cold and cough.

Prevents skin diseases:

Many people are suffering from various forms of skin diseases. Garlic together with other ingredients such as turmeric, cream, and honey has been researched to treat and prevent skin disease such as acne scars. It acts as an antibiotic and cleanser for soothing skin infection like rashes. ( Click here to know more about Skinglow Capsules for a clean and clear skin)

Garlic for skin diseases
Garlic for skin diseases

Useful in female sexual activities:

Garlic is equipped with special aphrodisiac properties to aid sex rejuvenation. These properties of garlic strengthen libido in both men and women. If you love sexual activities, consider incorporating garlic in your diet or as a supplement to protect you from nervous fatigue.

A remedy for intestinal problems:

Most intestinal issues such as colitis, diarrhea, and dysentery can be treated with the help of garlic. It plays a vital role in dispelling worms. Garlic has an effect on harmful bacteria in the intestine without affecting the action of useful organisms that are responsible for digestion.

Increases estrogen levels in menopausal women:

The loss of calcium is usually experienced by the women as they age and this possibly results in osteoporosis. Menopause experienced by women makes their estrogen levels decline and results in a reduction in absorption of calcium. Various studies were carried out and it was discovered that garlic can reduce the loss of bone due to estrogen increasing in women. ( Click here to know more about UTONORM capsules which help in menopausal women)

Nutritional Values of Garlic

Garlic consists of essential minerals such as calcium, iron, and phosphorus, as well as some trace minerals such as chlorine, sulfur, and iodine as contained in the cloves. It also comprises of an organic compound like allicin, as well as allisatin 1, and 2.

A one serving of 100 grams of garlic is about 33 grams of carbs, 150 calories, and 6.36 grams of protein. It is also equipped with foliate, Vitamin B1, B3, B2, B6, manganese, Vitamin C, zinc, sodium, magnesium, and potassium. All these nutrients make garlic potent in offering huge health benefits and this will be discussed next.


Garlic is enriched with numerous essential nutrients to offer many health benefits as discussed above. These benefits were known a long time ago, and the researchers are still discovering more benefits. One or two cloves of garlic a day can perform a wonder in treating and prevent many health issues. However, caution must be taken in consuming garlic. Take it in moderation to avoid irritation and other issues of digestion system. Garlic herb can be consumed in a different form to perform its healing power. This article has discussed significant health benefits of garlic. Key into it and incorporate it into your diet.

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