Ayurvedic Uses and Benefits of Vidanga -Embelia Ribes

Ayurvedic Uses and Benefits of Vidanga -Embelia Ribes

Vidanga also known as Embelia Ribes is an ayurvedic herb which is recommended in ayurveda for weight loss, skin health and intestinal parasites.

Health Benefits and Uses of Embelia Ribes

This plant belongs to Family : Myrsinaceae and has Botanical Name: Embelia Ribes

It is a large semi climber shrub with long drooping branches. Leaves simple and their upper surface is shiny. The flowers are greenish white. The fruits are globular and wrinkled, grayish berries, become dark brown when ripe.

It can be found in India, Indian Archipelago, Tropical Asia, Southern China, and East Africa.

Various research have shown that this herb has  antibacterial ,antifertility, antiprotozoal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anthelminthic, anti-diabetic, anticonvulsant, anticancer, anti-hyper lipidemic, wound healing  properties. They opine that this can be used in abdominal disorders, lung diseases, constipation, indigestion, fungus infections, mouth ulcer, sore throat, pneumonia, heart disease and obesity. (https://ijpsr.com/bft-article/importance-of-embelia-ribes-an-update/?view=fulltext)

This Herb is known with different names in India

  • Sanskrit : Jantughna, Krmighna (the one which eliminates intestinal parasites), Vella, Krmihara, Krmiripu Chitra Tandula- (whose seeds have white patches )
  • Assamese : Vidang
  • Bengali : Vidang
  • Gujrati : Vavding, Vavading, Vayavadang
  • Hindi : Vayavidanga, Bhabhiranga, Baberang
  • Kannada : Vayuvilanga, Vayuvidanga
  • Kashmiri : Babading
  • Malayalam : Vizhalari, Vizalari
  • Marathi : Vavading, Vavding
  • Oriya : Bidanga, Vidanga
  • Punjabi : Babrung, Vavaring
  • Tamil : Vayuvilangam, Vayuvidangam
  • Telugu : Vayuvidangalu
  • Urdu : Baobarang, Babrang

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Vidanga

Texts of ayurveda explain health benefits of vidanga as follows.

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This herb is spicy to taste (katu) and has sharp penetrating medicinal properties (teekshna). It has hot potency (ushna), lite to digest (laghu) and dries up tissues (rooksha).

  1. Vidanga boosts agni (metabolism) and improves digestion.
  2. It reduces bloating, flatulance and abdominal pain.
  3. Normalises bowel movement and relieves constipation
  4. Vidanga helps to eliminate parasites.
  5. It acts as a very effective fat burner and weight loss herb. (Hence Vidanga is used in NILOBESE Ayurvedic Weight Loss Tea)
  6. Effective in Indigestion and increases rate of metabolism
  7. Purifies blood and helps to reduce acne, pimple , psoriasis and other skin ailments
  8. This herb increases urine output and reduces water retention

Home Remedies with Vidanga

  1. During constipation powder of vidanga has to be mixed with warm water and then consumed. It relieves stomach discomfort and constipation
  2. In bloating and stomach pain powder of vidanga has to be mixed with buttermilk and consumed twice daily. This relieves bloating and stomach pain.
  3. Fine powder of vidanga has to be mixed with honey or water and applied on pimples. This heals them very fast and removes scar.
  4. Fine vidanga powder mixed with pure coconut oil can be applied on dry eczema or dry psoriasis to get a good relief

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