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Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Small Cardamom

Benefits of Cardamom in weight loss
Benefits of Cardamom in weight loss
Benefits of Cardamom in weight loss

Botanical name : Elettaria Cardamomum

Family : Zinziberaceae

Anatomy of plant : It’s a shrub with lots of leaves. The plant of cardamom is a perennial herb containing reed like structure. It is 3-4 meters in height and three to four years old plant bears fruits.

Sanskrit names: Triputa , Draavidi , Sookshma ela

Ayurvedic Pharmacology: Cardamom is laghu (light to digest ) and rooksha (reduces moistness of tissues). Madhura and Katu rasa( tastes little hot and little sweet) . Sheetha Veerya (cold potency) .

Health benefits of cardamom

– It pacifies all three doshas.

– When chewed reduces nausea and vomiting sensation.

– Its powder helps in indigestion.

– Best remedy for mouth odor.

– Helps to reduce cholesterol and is a heart healthy spice

– Seeds when chewed slowly help to relieve cough and cold.

– Increases urine out put.

– Helps in weight loss. Since it normalises digestion, mitigates kapha, increases urine output and helps to reduce cholesterol, it acts as a potent fat burner. It has been used in NILOBESE ayurvedic weight Loss Tea as an important ingredient.

-Enhances flavor of sweets

– Cardamom tea helps in weight loss.

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