Ayurveda Medicinal Uses and Benefits of Devadaru or Cedrus Deodara
Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Devadaru or Cedrus Deodara

Ayurveda Medicinal Uses and Benefits of Devadaru or Cedrus Deodara

Devadaru or devdaru also known as Cedrus Deodara is mainly used in ayurveda to treat diseases of female reproductive system. Its use is very beneficial to boost fertility in women and regulate menstrual cycle.

Devadaru or Cedrus Deodara is a large coniferous tree which grows upto 200 feet height. This tree has a huge trunk. Leaves look like needles (long and slender). It belongs to Pinaceae family and is found in western Himalayas in eastern Afghanistan, northern Pakistan and India.

Ayurveda acharyas have coined different ayurvedic names like bhadradaaru ( King of Trees)  and surabhuruha (Tree of angels) for this tree. It also has other names in indian languages like

Devdar in hindi, marathi and gujarathi

Devadaaru in bengali

Devadaari in telagu

Devadaru in Tamil

Deodar in English

Ayurvedic Medicinal Uses and Benefits of Devadaru or Cedrus Deodara:

Texts of Ayurveda explain the medicinal properties of this tree as follows

Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Devadaru or Cedrus Deodara
Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Devadaru or Cedrus Deodara

This herb is light to digest and improves moistness of tissues.  It tastes bitter and has pungent taste after digestion. It is hot in potency.

Effect on Tridoshas:

Devadaru normalises kapha and vata. Since it balances kapha and vata it helps in weight loss.

Effect on Female Reproductive System

Deodar or devadaru is very effective in controlling diabetes. It increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin. This herb regularises menstrual cycle and strengthens the uterine muscles.

Due to its anti diabetes effect and weight loss properties, ayurveda vaidyas use this in addressing PCOS or PCOD.


Anti-inflammatory effect:

Devadaru reduces pain and inflammation of joints and muscles. Its oil can be applied locally to reduce inflammation of affected parts. Due to this property it quickly heals painful wounds and also clears them.

Cleanse and Heals Wounds

The paste of this tree part is used as external application in painful conditions and wounds. It accelerates healing process and cleanse the wound. Its oil is used in various skin ailments.

Effect on digestive system:

This herb is very useful in indigestion, loss of appetite and constipation. It improves digestion, normalises appetite and eases the bowel movement. Consumption of devadaru or deodar digests the sticky toxin ama and expels intestinal parasites.

Controls diabetes

Devdaru effectively controls blood sugar level. Ayurveda acharyas recommend use of this herb in diabetes. (Know more about diabetes vajikarana Therapy)

Useful in Obesity and helps in weight loss:

Since this herb normalises Kapha and Vata, it effectively controls obesity. Its use helps in weight loss. (Know more about Ayurvedic Weight Loss Remedy). It controls weight gain during menopause.

Beneficial in Cough and Cold

Devadaru helps in resolving the issues of chronic cough and rhinitis (cold). It reduces expectoration of sputum and helps to heal the infected lungs.

Helps in Cystitis and UTI

This herb is recommended in cystitis and uti. It also reduces frequency of urination in diabetes

Usually stem and oil of this tree are used for medicinal purpose.