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Ayurveda health benefits of neem

Neem is a very well known house hold herb in India. Its antimicrobial properties are well known. Ayurveda acharyas praise this plant as “Pichumarda” as it is very beneficial in skin ailments. Various researches have thrown light on medicinal properties of neem. These medicinal properties are exhibited by virtue of different chemical compounds that are present in this plant. Azadirachtin , salannin, gedunin, azadirone, nimbin, nimbidine, nimbicidine, nimbinol, etc are important liminoids of neem.

Based on principles of ayurveda the properties of neem are explained as follows. It is bitter to taste and has astringent properties. It is light to digest and cold in potency. This herb pacifies pitta and kapha.

Health Benefits of Neem

On skin– It acts as antimicrobial and accelerates wound healing process.  It prevents formation of pus and cleanses the wound. The fresh juice of neem leaves when applied all over body , reduces irritation and itching. When consumed internally it helps in numerous skin diseases. In psoriasis it reduces itching, irritation, roughness of skin and heals the psoriatic patches. In same way it heals eczema too. It reduces infection and inflammation of acne. (Click here for Skinglow Capsules )Neem helps to maintain the health of scalp skin and prevents dandruff. (Click here for healthy scalp combo)

Detoxifies liver– Neem is known for its liver detoxifying properties. Fresh neem juice is administered with equal quantity of honey in empty stomach in conditions like viral hepatitis or jaundice.

Blood purifier – Neem when consumed, purifies blood and helps to reduce acne and pimple. It is the best herb for skin detox.

Reduces blood sugar level– Patients, who suffer from diabetes, are benefited by this herb. It helps to keep the blood sugar level under control. Chewing 10-15 fresh leaves of neem, aids in good blood sugar control. (read Ayurvedic Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes)

Fever : Consumption of neem is very beneficial In fevers which do not respond to routine treatment. Consult your family physician before opting for this.

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