Ayurveda Health Benefits of Durva Grass- Cynodon Dactylon
Ayurveda Health Benefits of Durva Grass- Cynodon Dactylon

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Durva Grass- Cynodon Dactylon

Durva grass is mainly used in female infertility, UTI, Cystitis, pcos, psoriasis, skin diseases, acidity, herpes, and imbalance of pitta.

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About Durva grass or Garike hullu

Ayurveda Health Benefits and Uses of Durva Grass

Home Remedies with Durva

Nutritional Value of Durva (Doob) or Cynodon dactylon

Durva grass in Hindu Mythology

About Durva grass or Garike hullu

Durva grass is also known as Bahama Grass, Bermuda Grass, Devil’s grass or Couch Grass. It belongs to Graminae family and is known by different names in India.

Sanskrit – Shataparva , Durva
Botanical name -Cynodon Dactylon
Hindi – Doob
Bengali – Durba
Punjabi- Dubda
Marathi – harali
Gujarathi – dhro
Tamil – arugam
Telgu – goriya gaddi
Kannada – Garike hullu
English – Bahama Grass, Bermuda Grass, Devil’s grass or Couch Grass

It is a small herb which spreads on ground. It covers ground like carpet. In India durva is used to worship hindu gods especially Lord Ganesha.

Ayurveda Health Benefits and Uses of Durva Grass or Cynodon Dactylon

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Durva Grass- Cynodon Dactylon
Ayurveda Health Benefits of Durva Grass- Cynodon Dactylon

Durva grass has three tastes i.e sweet (madhura rasa) , astringent (kashaya rasa)  and bitter (tikta rasa). It alleviates vitiation of Pitta dosha, Rakta (blood) and Kapha.  It is a great body coolant. Hence it is useful in diseases which are caused due to vitiation of above mentioned doshas.

Use of Durva grass or Bermuda grass for psoriasis


Ayurvedic medicine for psoriasis


Ayurveda acharyas have grouped Durva grass under skin friendly herbs. It helps to heal the wound fast and restores the colour of skin. Use of Durva grass is recommended in Psoriasis, Herpes, unhealed wounds, allergic rashes and haemorrhoids. Hence doctors at Moolika Ayurveda have included this herb in PSORIBAN CREAM an ayurvedic herbal cream for psoriasis and dry skin. It heals the patches of psoriasis and restores the normal colour of skin. Presence of Durva grass in PSORIBAN cream has enhanced the efficiency of this cream in healing psoriasis. This herb reduces itching, heals the scaly skin and imparts normal colour to skin.

Durva grass or bermuda grass for PCOS or PCOD and infertility


Ayurvedic medicines for PCOS


Ayurvedic physicians recommend bermuda grass in menorrhagia (excess bleeding during menstrual cycle), irregular menstrual cycle, and habitual abortion (repeated abortion). This herb also helps to fight PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Click here to know Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOS or PCOD).  It prevents abortion and strengthens the uterus. This is the best Indian ayurvedic home remedy for PCOS

Use of Durva Grass in Cystitis and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)


Ayurvedic capsules for UTI and Cystitis


This grass has cooling properties. It increases the urine output and soothes the inner layers of bladder. It helps to reduce inflammation of mucosal layer of bladder in Cystitis and UTI.  (Check URIKOOL ayurvedic capsules for cystitis, UTI and Kidney stones )

Durva grass for digestive ailments

Ayurveda acharyas strongly recommend this herb in digestive ailments like vomiting, excess thirst, diarrhoea, dysentery, haemorrhoids etc.

Home Remedies with Durva :

Take few strands of durva grass and wash them properly with clean water. Make a fine paste by adding few drops of water. Apply this paste on bleeding wounds to stop bleeding and hasten the healing process.

Prepare the paste as said above and mix it with a glass of water water. Consume this daily to keep your energy level up and to rejuvenate the whole body.

2-3 drops of durva grass juice can be instilled in nose in case of bleeding through nose.

The juice of durva grass helps in bleeding piles and increased menstrual bleeding

Durva grass juice helps to protect pregnancy and improve blood in pregnant women.

A face pack made from rice flour and durva juice helps to reduce skin burning and irritation. This is also helpful in heat stroke.

Mixture of Durva juice + rice water + sugar is helpful in nausea, vomiting and excessive thirst.

An oil prepared using durva and devadaru or deodar helps to heal wound and diminish scars and pigments.

Since durva acts as coolant its juice helps in controlling IBS and dysentery

A paste of durva grass help to reduce burning sensation in herpes. This has to be applied for skin.

Durva for Yogis:

According to Yoga Shastra, Lord Ganesha is the deity of the Mooladhar Chakra of the Shatchakras. So Durva is very beneficial in diseases pertaining to reproductive system in females. It checks on bleeding from uterus, strengthens uterus, averts abortion and stabilizes the fetus.

Nutritional Value of Durva (Doob) or Cynodon dactylon

Durva grass is store house of several nutrients. Acetic acid, alkaloids, arundoin, carbohydrate, fat, ferulic acid, palmitic acid, potassium, protein, selenium, sodium, triterpenoids, coumaric acid, fibre, flavones, glucosides, hydrocarbons, lignin, magnesium, vanillic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C are among them.

Recent Research on Durva Grass

According to a research conducted by Mr.Badri Prakash Nagori and Renu Solanki,Cynodon dactylon or Durva is a perennial grass which is a rich source of metabolites such as proteins, carbohydrates, mineral constituents, β-sitosterol, flavanoids, alkaloids, glycosides and triterpenoides. They further say that “The plant has been long used in the traditional medicines to treat various ailments such as anasarca, cancer, convulsions, cough, cramps, diarrhea, dropsy, dysentery, epilepsy, headache, hemorrhage, hypertension, hysteria, measles, rubella, snakebite, sores, stones, tumors, urogenital disorders, warts and wounds. The plant shows biological activities such as antiviral and antimicrobial properties.”

Durva grass in Hindu Mythology-

Durva grass is considered very sacred among Hindus. 21 tender cuttings of this grass are offered to Lord Ganesha. According Ayurveda durva grass acts as body coolant. Once Lord Ganesha ate Analasura , a fiery demon who was destroying earth. Ganesha started to experience burning sensation on his body and stomach. No medicines could reduce this problem. Later he was made to eat Durva grass and its paste was applied all over his body. Then the burning sensation subsided.

How to Identify and Grow Durva Grass

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Durva is a perennial grass with hairy thin blades. The grass is a creeper and covers the ground like a thick mat. It is considered as a weed. But in Ayurveda all parts of this plant is used for medicinal purpose. This can be easily grown in pots in home garden and just a regular care is enough for this to grow.

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