Ayurveda Health Benefits of Castor Oil in Psoriasis
Ayurveda Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Castor Oil in Psoriasis

Castor oil is known as eranda taila or gandharva hastha taila in ayurveda. It increases softness of skin, reduces itching and accelerates healing process. Hence it is recommended in psoriasis and dry skin.

Castor Oil is extracted from seeds of plant Ricinus Communis. It is known as Arandi in Hindi and Haralenne in Kannada. Texts of Ayurveda recommend use of this oil both internally and externally. But this oil has to be used internally under the supervision of a qualified ayurvedic doctor.

Improper consumption of castor oil causes vomiting, stomach pain, internal bleeding in digestive system and other untoward effects. This oil can be used safely as an external application. Medicated castor oil is used in panchakarma therapies.

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Acharya Sushruta explains medicinal properties of castor oil as follows

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Castor Oil
Ayurveda Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Based on principles of Ayurveda this oil increases moistness (snigdha) and imparts softness to tissues (mrudu) . It is hot in potency (ushna veerya) and helps to relieve pain quickly. It normalises vata and kapha. Castor oil increases pitta when consumed internally and pacifies pitta when applied externally.

Castor Oil for Psoriasis:

External application of castor oil is very effective in psoriasis. It reduces itching, softens skin and heals the wound quickly. Hence PSORIBAN an ayurvedic cream for psoriasis and dry skin has castor oil as main ingredient.  (Click here for Psoriasis ayurvedic herbal treatment)

Castor oil for dry skin

Reduces inflammation and itching of skin. : Castor oil when applied on inflamed and itchy skin quickly reduces the symptoms. It heals the damaged skin and restores the normal colour. Hence it is very useful in sunburns, dry skin and other skin ailments.

Reduces wrinkles and lines of aging:

massage whole body and face with warm castor oil and leave it for 20 minutes. Later wash it off with shikakai or mild soap. This oil locks the moisture content of skin and makes it wrinkle free.

Dark Circles:

applying castor oil on eye lids and under the eye every day night helps to get rid of dark circles and also reduces dryness of eyes.

Benefits of internal use of castor oil:

CAUTION: This oil has to be used internally under the supervision of qualified ayurvedic doctor. Never use this oil internally in form of self-medication.

Castor oil is used internally during panchakarma therapies (detoxification process). It is used in treatment of haemorrhoids, bronchitis, low sperm count, low sperm motility and erectile dysfunction. It is also used to treat diseases of female reproductive system.

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