Ashoka- Saraca Asoca- Ayurveda Herb for Skin and PCOS Treatment
Ashoka- Saraca Asoca-Herb for PCOS Treatment

Ashoka- Saraca Asoca- Ayurveda Herb for Skin and PCOS Treatment

Bark of Ashoka or Saraca Asoca is mainly used to treat female reproductive health conditions like female infertility and PCOS or PCOD, in ayurveda. It is also useful in skin conditions like acne and pimple.

Ashoka tree is mainly found in Deccan plateau, western ghats, foot hills of Himalayas and in Indian west coast. It is small erect tree with deep green clustered leaves and fragrant flowers. Ayurveda acharyas have coined various Sanskrit name for this tree. It is known as

Names of Ashoka Tree

  1. Ashoka (sanskrit)- sorrow less tree. This is true with women who suffer from reproductive health related pain like menstrual cramps, pain in pelvic region etc. In hindu mythology Sita wife of Sri Rama always used to sit under this tree in Ashoka Vana or a place which was full of ashok tree. She use to express sorrow or shoka  sitting under ashok tree few call this sita ashok plant
  2. In hindi – Ashoka
  3. In Bengali – Ashoka
  4. Gujarathi – Ashoka
  5. Marathi – Ashoka
  6. Tamil – Ashogam
  7. Hemapushpa (sanskrit)– the tree which has golden coloured flowers
  8. Tamrapallava (sanskrit) – the tender leaves are of copper colour.

Useful Parts of Ashoka Tree

Usually the bark, flowers and seeds are used for medicinal purpose.

Ayurveda Acharyas explain the Health Benefits  of ashoka tree as follows.

Ashoka- Saraca Asoca-Herb for PCOS Treatment
Ashoka- Saraca Asoca-Herb for PCOS Treatment

Herb Ashoka balances Kapha and Pitta. It is astringent (kashaya rasa) and bitter (tikta rasa) to taste. It is light to digest (laghu) and causes dryness of tissues (ruksha). It has cold potency or acts as coolant (sheeta veerya)

Why Ashoka is used in PCOS Treatment?

Based on principles of Ayurveda, this plant balances kapha and pitta. It is light to digest and makes the tissues dry. It tastes bitter and astringent. The herb Ashoka has cold potency. Because of these properties ashoka helps to reduce body weight and improves metabolism. This action improves the sensitivity of cells to insulin. Hence this can be used effectively along with other herbs like Lodhra , yashada bhasma, Karavellaka or bitter gourd or bitter melon, shilajit, haridra orhaldi or turmeric, cinnamon, Shatavari, Jambu, Meshashringi, Vrikshamla or Garcinia, guduchi or giloy, Neem and Kirata tikata in female infertility and PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) or PCOD (polycystic Ovarian Disease). ( Read Indian Ayurvedic Home Remedies for PCOS)

Helps in irregular periods

Irregular periods are main symptoms of PCOS. This herb regularises the menstrual cycle and also prevents excess bleeding.It regulates the irregular bleeding which is often seen in patients with PCOS.

Controls blood sugar level:

The bark of ashoka tree controls blood sugar level and improves insulin sensitivity of cells. This is a very important step in treating the PCOS.

Reduces inflammation

Its anti-inflammatory property helps to reduce inflammation of pelvic tissues. It reduces lower abdomen cramps which is a common symptom in PCOS.

Improves fertility

It improves fertility of women by strengthening female reproductive system.The herb ashoka stimulates ovarian tissues and regularises ovulation.

Controls acne, pimple

Acne and pimples are very common in PCOS. Internal consumption of this herb prevents eruption of acne and pimple.

Supports weight loss

This herb helps to reduce excess medha dhatu (body fat) and also acts as diuretic.These properties aid in weight loss.

Hence the Herb Ashoka is used as main ingredient in UTONORM Capsules ( Utonorm Best Ayurvedic Supplement for female infertility) and PCORID Capsules ( PCORID Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOS) to improve female infertility and PCOS.

Texts of Ayurveda eulogize the benefits of the herb Ashoka in female infertility. Ayurveda acharyas recommend to use this herb along with other herbs like Turmeric, Lodhra, Yasahd Bhasma, Bitter Gourd, Shilajit and Cinnamon. Hence qualified experienced doctors at Moolika Ayurveda have combined ashoka with all these herbs and formulated PCORID CAPSULES which are the best ayurvedic remedy for PCOS.

Ashoka for Skin

Ashoka is very good for skin. It improves skin complexion and glow (Varnya)

Ashoka herb when used externally relieves burning sensation of skin and reduces itching. Hence Dahahara

Other Health Benefits of Ashoka Bark

It is praised as Sheetala or body coolant. These herbs help in cystitis and chronic UTI too. coolant

It absorbs water from intestines hence called Grahi or absorbent. This property is useful in treating IBS , dysentery and diarrhoea.

It acts as natural detox herb and cleanse body. Hence popular as Doshahara and also used as antidote for poison (Vishahara)

It retards growth of tumors . Hence ‘Apachi hara’  and ‘gulmahara’

It has property of Trushnahara or relieving thirst when consumed internally. – relieves thirst

Ashoka helps to get rid of intestinal parasites (Krumighna)

Emaciated women can use this to gain weight  (Shoshahara)

Arrests bleeding in conditions like piles and menorrhagia (Asrajit )

Acts as a cardiac tonic (Hrudya)

Relieves tiredness or (Shramaapaha )

Used in abdomen colic ( Shulahara ) and Relieves bloating (Adhmanahara )

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