round_logoMoolika ayurveda is brain child of experienced qualified ayurvedic doctors. The people living in urban areas of world are susceptible for various lifestyle diseases. Incidences of obesity, diabetes, infertility, sexual dysfunction etc are increasing by leaps and bounds. These diseases surface due to environmental pollution, stress, unhealthy eating habits and undesirable lifestyles. Every human being is worth to lead a healthy life. The fast growing urbanization has posed a great threat to well beings of humans.

The name Moolika is a Sanskrit word which collectively denotes herbs, shrubs, roots, trees, bark and all plant parts. The ancient health science Ayurveda eulogizes the immense medicinal properties of these plants. The formulations of our products are based on ayurvedic texts like charaka, sushruta, vagbhata, yogaratnakara, bhavaprakasha etc. Hence the name MOOLIKA AYURVEDA.

The aim of Moolika ayurveda is to address these lifestyle diseases through natural remedies. In Moolika ayurveda doctors have cautiously selected effective herbs which help to fight these diseases naturally. These herbs have been combined in suitable proportions to provide optimum health benefits. These natural remedies are in easily consumable form. Our doctors have provided a list of simple diet and lifestyle modifications which can be easily incorporated in any busy schedule.

Author of Moolika Ayurveda Blog

Dr.Savitha Suri Consultant Ayurvedic Physician

Vaidye. SavithaSuri ., B.A.M.S
Consultant Ayurvedic physician

Email [email protected]
Phone : 91-9945995660, 91- 9448433911 , 91-6360108663

Dr. Savitha Suri acquired a degree in ayurvedic medicine and surgery from Mysore University through The Government college of Indian Medicine ,Mysore. She has been practicing ayurvedic medicine since 28 years. Articles written by her related to topics such as health and medicine have been published in various ezines and news papers. She is also a regular health columnist in a popular news paper in Karnataka.

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