Diabetes, Erectile dysfunction

5 Important Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Diabetes

ayurvedic diabetes-home remedies
ayurvedic diabetes-home remedies

ayurvedic diabetes-home remedies

The metabolic disorder diabetes has affected a large global population. Sedentary lifestyles, hereditary, ethnicity etc are factors which are leading to an alarming raise in incidence of this disease. Uncontrolled blood sugar level and frequently fluctuating blood sugar levels imbalance the normal functions of body tissues. Skin, kidneys, eyes and ears are most affected by this disease. The sexual function of men takes a toll when they have diabetes. Erectile dysfunction in diabetes is very common. Even the fertility of men and women are thrown off balance in diabetes. Low sperm count and low sperm motility are very common in diabetic men.

It is very important to be regular with diabetic medications prescribed by your physician. Here are few home remedies which help to control diabetes and reduce effect of diabetes on body tissues.

  1. Healthy lifestyle:

Watch your weight and eat healthy diabetic friendly diet. Keep sweets, refined flours, processed foods and oily foods at bay. Smoking and alcohol double the incidences of heart attack and paralysis in diabetes. Hence keep away from these addictions. Drink sufficient water.[sociallocker]

  1. Walk for a healthy you

A daily brisk walk for 45 minutes is of great health value in diabetes. It improves blood circulation and helps to keep the weight under control. It strengthens the muscles and boosts metabolism. Blood sugar fluctuations come under control when you walk.

  1. Bitter is better

Favour bitter herbs like neem, bitter gourd (karela) , fenugreek seeds (methi) etc. Bitter foods always help to control blood sugar level. Chewing few tender neem leaves in empty stomach is a best herbal remedy for diabetes. Consuming bitter gourd juice in empty stomach is a well-known diabetes home remedy. Consuming sprouted fenugreek seeds along with salads help to control blood sugar level.

  1. Welcome amla and turmeric

Amla and turmeric are known for their anti-diabetic properties. Mix 4 parts of amla powder and one part of turmeric. Store this mixture in an airtight container. Take a tea spoon of this mixture with a glass of water in early morning.

  1. Say good bye to stress

Stress increases blood sugar level. Stress also increases body weight. Find ways to keep stress at bay. Practice Yoga and Meditation to reduce stress levels. Indulge in outdoor or indoor games. Read good books and rediscover your hobbies. All these are best stress busters.[/sociallocker]


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