10 Essential Ayurvedic Tips and Treatment for Back Acne

Back acne is considered as “kshudra kushta roga” in Ayurveda. Ayurveda acharyas recommend various ayurvedic treatment for back acne.

Back acne is the same condition like facial acne. It occurs when sebaceous glands of skin are blocked and infected.

Back acne leaves ugly scars. Due to this, girls will not be able to wear low backed dresses which they love. Prevention is better than cure. Here are few tips and treatment which help to prevent flaring up of back acne and prevent scarring.

Ayurvedic Treatment and Tips for Back Acne

  1. Avoid wearing synthetic clothes which prevent absorption of sweat. This allows the moistness to accumulate on skin, which is a favorable condition for bacteria which thrive in skin pores.
  2. Always wear soft cotton clothes which absorb sweat and keep the back cool. Keep away rough scratchy clothes which irritate the skin.
  3. Don’t wear back packs when you have back acne. It rubs the back and exaggerates the condition. It is better to carry a sling bag than back pack when you have acne.
  4. Just like back packs avoid rough back rested seats. These irritate the skin. Spread a soft cotton cloth on back rest before using any back rest.
  5. Avoid massaging back with harsh oils or oils that irritates your skin. Chemically processed oils, artificially fragranced oils may do more harm than good. Cold pressed gingelly oil or sesame oil is recommended in Ayurveda.
  6. Say goodbye to tight fitting clothes. These prevent the respiration of skin and also make microbes flourish on your skin.
  7. Never use harsh soaps to rub your back. Say no to loofahs , harsh back brush or rough pumice stones. Using these may increase breakout.
  8. Use mild soap or body wash to wash back. Don’t use harsh soaps.
  9. Prefer baths than showers. Soaking in warm water for 20 minutes help to remove dead skin cells. Crush 20-25 fresh leaves of neem and mix it in bathing water. These act as antimicrobial.
  10. Do not allow hair to fall on back. Sweat and dust accumulated on hair may infect your back. Put a hair band and tie the hair loosely above neck.
  11. Take care to keep your scalp clean as dandruff may exaggerate back acne.

Consume herbs like tulsi, turmeric and neem . These act as internal detoxifiers and skin cleansers. Moolika Skin Glow Capsules contain herbs which are highly recommended in texts of Ayurveda for skin ailments. Moolika skin Glow Capsules help to detoxify liver, expel skin toxins and increase the glow of skin from inside. It acts as natural anti-microbial and helps body and skin to resist the outside infection. Use Moolika Skin Glow capsules to boost the immunity of skin against back acne or facial acne.

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